La Dolce Vita di Nia in Italia

In 2005, I was a passionate Nia Blue Belt who was living and teaching Nia in Hamburg- Nia’s European capital. Nia was, and still is, infused in my life. I felt at the right place at the right time. 

At the time, I was employed by the Italian Foreign Office. In 2005 my mandate expired and I had to go back to my school job in Italy. 

I was very aware of the fact that my life was going to change a lot. One of the things that was going to change was my connection to Nia. 

I was leaving a big Nia community in Hamburg and an intense Nia life. In Hamburg, every day I could attend classes by Ann Christiansen and many other teachers, I had my own classes, and I was co- teaching once a week. I could practice Nia with my teacher friends. I could attend Ann’s workshops every two weeks. I could retake White and Blue Belt trainings with Ann and with Debbie and Carlos Rosas, who regularly came  to Hamburg. I could even go to Nia barefoot parties in discos. I was going to abandon the rich Nia life, and I was going to enter a “ZERO” Nia Zone  in Italy. There was no Nia in Italy at the time, only 3 or 4 weeks in a year at a prestigious Spa in Tuscany.

How could I survive? I felt like a fish jumping out of the water.

I jumped… And I promised myself to carry Nia with me in Italy. So the first thing I did as I got to Rimini was..well leave for Portland and take the Brown Belt to get more roots into Nia. Once back, I started my Nia mission. I wanted, and I still do, to practice and to share  what I had learned through Nia, the choice of a healthy and pleasurable life in my body. 

I asked a studio in Rimini to train there in exchange for free classes, and this is how I started. For one year I taught in this studio for free and  students began to arrive, all different ages and levels of fitness. 

Jeff Stewart, aka Stuart, was a great support to me; he believed in the future of Nia in Italy. Stuart is passionate about Italy and Nia. He often came to visit me and the small growing community. He kept my vision alive and kept the connection. He was not only supporting me as a Nia teacher, he was supporting me and my kids. Stuart and Debbie made me feel part of a community that did not leave me alone in Italy, I felt connected. I am forever grateful for this support. 

The interest in Nia slowly started to grow. Luckily, three wonderful women took the White Belt and started teaching: Lauretta, Emanuela, and Fedra. Their friendship, their passion for Nia, and their support kept me on the Nia path. The support I received from my students, from Stuart and my own vision made me say yes to becoming a Nia Trainer and made me step into the next journey. 

I thought Italians would be easily fascinated by a movement practice based on Pleasure and Joy. I thought Italians and their connection to emotions should have been attracted by a movement practice that integrates emotions and allows freedom to sound and express creativity. I was wrong. It took, and still takes, time and passion to break the crust of habits and see people express themselves freely,  playing with their emotions. 

The other aspect I did not remember was that La Dolce Vita means La Dolce Vita literally. The Sweet Life. I discovered that “La Dolce Vita“ is not always positive for Italian Nia students. In summer, “La Dolce Vita” is lying  on the beach; in winter, La Dolce Vita invites Nia students to stay put in their cozy homes. On Sundays, it is family day and La Dolce Vita is in the family and so on. In other words, La Dolce Vita does not always include going to Nia classes. It takes time to demonstrate that Nia is La Dolce Vita! Once students sense it, they stick to it!

Nia in Italy is growing. We are now over 45 active teachers spread throughout most of the country. We have had, and still have, annual gatherings and collaborative events. 

This year we celebrate 10 years of La Dolce Vita di Nia in Italia in Dolce Vita style.We will celebrate with Nia parties, presentations, and events. 

Everyone is invited! 

Letizia Accinelli   Nia Black Belt, Nia Faculty Trainer


Get a taste of the Sweet Life of Nia in Italy

Upcoming events:

Nia Party: Come celebrate with us! Dance the night away in celebration of 10 years of Nia in Italy!  May 30th 2015   Click for details.

Nia Playshop: Dive deeper into the sweetness!  Explore Movement and Sensation.  May 31st 2015 Click to sign up.

Conference Presentations: Support a series of Nia presentations at a huge National Wellness Convention in Italy from May 27th to 31st:

Nia White Belt with Letizia Accinelli    July 10, 2015 Lagoriviera in Rimini, Italy

Nia and Horses with Randee Fox    September 11- 13 2015  Le Costarelle in Firenzuola, Italy

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