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Livelihood Membership


Get premier access to Nia music, movement, teaching tips and peer2peer connection.
Become a Nia Livelihood Member today!


"Teaching Nia asks me to show up fully willing to be seen and give from the vastness of potential. Whether I achieve the potential or not, teaching, for me, thrives in that place of willingness to just sense and reveal.

Being a Nia teacher has changed my life in every way imaginable. It was the mountain I knew I could never climb... and then I did. And the view is dazzling."


Joining Livelihood Membership helps you build skill and learn Nia principles while you complete the Nia belt journey culminating in the Black Belt.


  • Legal permission to teach
  • 4 new teacher routines + music every year
  • Exclusive NIA-only teacher trainings
  • Customizable marketing
  • Extensive education downloads
  • Mentoring with Debbie Rosas and Nia Faculty
  • Detailed Summary

Price + Terms

  • $520/year or $50/month ($600/year)
  • Black Belt members $295/year or $35/month ($420/year)

Livelihood Membership is based on an auto-renewing annual contract. Shipping + handling not included. Membership is not refundable or transferable.