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Techniques to Keep Your Nia Classes Alive During the Holiday Season

Keep your Nia classes festive and well attended this holiday season with these techniques.

Tune Up + Tone Down with the Nia 7-Day Music + Movement Wellness Program

Our fourth program in our Nia Wellness Program series is here! A holistic healing and conditioning experience designed for all levels and abilities geared towards improving the body’s mobility and stability.

Nia Nomads: Spreading Their Love For Nia On The Road

These Nia Nomads took to the road to travel and spread the love of Nia with the worldwide Nia community.

A More User-Friendly NiaTV Platform Is Here

Exciting changes have taken place to NiaTV! Improved communication, a personalized platform, and new features are now available on NiaTV.

Relax + Self-heal with a free, global, 7-Day Wellness Program from NiaTV

Our latest wellness program on NiaTV is focused on the sensation of relaxation and using mindful movement to counter the damaging affects of stress on the body and mind.

Nia Makes Its Hollywood Debut in HBO's Big Little Lies

Nia teachers in the UK were invited to participate in the Big Little Lies season 2 “Stretch and Stream” event in London, in which Nia was the star of the evening alongside the Big Little Lies season 2 sneak preview.

Nia 20-Year Celebration in Switzerland

In 1999 Nia was introduced in Switzerland, now 20 years later the Nia community in Switzerland continues to grow and is enjoyed by followers from all walks of life. To celebrate, Nia Switzerland recently held a WOW 20 years of Nia Switzerland event.

My Nia Story — Nia Teacher Janet Kaufman

"I danced barefoot. I had no pain in my neck, hips or knees. And talk about emotionally cathartic! A year later, I wondered If I would love Nia as much as a teacher as I did as a student. The answer was yes."

Nia Wellness Movement Tips

Use these movement tips to experience moving "The Body's Way."

Nia Education - The Body's Way

Nia movements are guided by The Body’s Way, which is a method of using the body according to its inherent design and function. We seek dynamic ease – the ability to perform a movement with maximum efficiency and minimal effort. The Body's Way is guided by five fundamental principles that keep the body functioning optimally.

Who Are You Dancing For?

In Nia, the only person we aim to please is the self. Nia movements are guided by The Body’s Way, which is a method of using the body according to its inherent design and function. Instead of forcing ourselves to bend and twist in ways that strain or injure the body, we seek dynamic ease.

Erotic Voices of The Feminine Spirit

Together, let us return to the spaces inside of women where the seeds of splendor and sexual passion remember their birthright. Together, let us melt into oneness. No longer separated, let us merge our consciousness and awaken a world where feminine sexual passion is like blood running through the veins of Gaia, of women. Let us heal the world with our passion.

My Nia Journey—Nia Teacher Cheri Fredrickson

"At a particularly low point where I was, once again, asking for guidance and getting no answer, I asked a different question. I asked what I could do to get my life back, and clear as a bell, I heard, 'Nia.'"

Thoughts for Living When Life “SUCKS”

Self-healing is the result of doing anything to make you feel a bit better. It comes from developing a sensory relationship “with” your body. When it comes to self-healing the problem to solve is, how to live and dance with your disease?

12 Ways to Love Your Body this Valentine's Day

Your body is amazing, cherish it, for it's the most important thing you own! Here are a dozen ways to say “I Love You” and give the gift of health and wellbeing to your body this Valentine's Day.

The Importance of a Name

Using the Nia name is one of the most powerful marketing tools Nia teachers have. Because marketing is the cornerstone of any business using the Nia name is critical to visibility, and to influencing customers.

Meet the Pucketts — A "Young at Heart" duo Who Have Been Dancing Nia For Over Two Decades

Yvonne and Roger Puckett have been doing Nia for the past 24 years and their relationship with Nia has only gotten deeper with time. The pair recently celebrated their 50th anniversary: commemorating the deep love they share for each other, their family, the art of dance, and their community.

The Nia Wave in Marin

What started off as a simple cup of coffee quickly developed into a brainstorm of ideas on how Deborah Walker and Sarah Caveney could merge their passion for Nia as well as their studios and work together to spread the work of Nia in even bigger ways. The result, Nia Marin.

Living in Sensation, Living in Your Body

We live in our bodies but that doesn’t mean we are present to them. It is one thing to conceptualize the function of the body. It is another thing to embody it—to feel knowing from your body. What does it mean to truly get in your body?

36 Years of Nia-ndering and Counting: A Letter from a Nia Student

Stephen Schneider has been doing Nia for 36 years, as a dedicated self-proclaimed "Nia-nderer." He is still doing classes 3 or 4 times a week and has taken well over 3000 classes. Stephen shares what it is about Nia that continues to give him such tremendous satisfaction in his body and life.

Your Online Portal for Everything Nia

With NiaTV you can practice Nia on your own, anywhere, anytime, on any device. By having the access to personal training at your fingertips, you can move better, feel better, and achieve your full potential with Nia fitness.

nine principals of active aging

Nine Principles of Active Aging

The Nine Principles of Active Aging was created by the ICAA as a way to help guide governments, product and service providers, employers, and the healthcare industry in how they respond to population aging.

Constance Adams dancing Nia

Remembering Constance Adams―National Geographic Explorer, Space Architect, and Nia Dancer

We remember our Nia sister, Constance Adams, who passed away on June 24 after a battle with cancer at the age of 53. Adams was a space architect known for her projects supporting human exploration of space and the solar system.

About the Art of Sensation: White Belt Body and Life Training

Debbie Rosas shares the Art of Sensation, a guide to creating health and vitality by moving your body in ways that feel good. Nia White Belt teaches you to develop body literacy - the ability to listen to your body, making choices that lead to health and total body well-being.

2018 Nia Palooza

Nia Palooza

The 10th annual Nia Palooza celebration, held in London, Ontario was a great success this year, raising 100 bras for a local women’s shelter and drawing in a large crowd of participants.

Tyann Hermes Teaching a Nia Class

Nia Teacher Story — Tyann Hermes

Troy, MT, is a small town of about 1,000 people, where there are no stoplights and has one main general store. It’s the town Nia teacher, Tyann Hermes, grew up in and where she transformed an abandoned gas station into a thriving community dance studio.

Nia Beauty

Honoring Your Body Through Breath

We all start with different physical parameters that define our range of motion, flexibility and points of strength: different body types and shapes, different needs, different ways of speaking throug...

Thrive — Take a Dance Break

Manage Your Daily Actions And Feelings With Movement And You Can Thrive! Dancing Through Your Life means turning every move you make into something that feels like a dance and it means being responsi...

10 Kata Steps to Gain Personal Power

Every part of your life can become a rich canvas for developing personal growth and lifestyle change. Each day, we are presented with very unique opportunities to engage in our own personal growth and...

The Body Electric

Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul - Plato My relationship with music has always been a whole, physical, and energy body experience. It began in sixth grade playing ...

Lighting the Way Through Change

Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward. ~ C.S. Lewis Letting go of past history promotes spiritual, professio...

The Sacred Dance of Nia Sounding

Nothing brings us closer to the sensation of sacred than making sound, toning, and singing to the universe. “Sounding” is Nia’s approach to using the voice for fitness, well-bei...

Sensing Your Strength

Strength in your muscles is sensed as energy moving inward. It is the physical feeling of containing and sustaining power. Strength is nurtured by opening and closing joints, and by balancing the acti...

A Three Step Sensory Kata

Moving energy is one of the best things you can do for your body. Use this sensitizing Kata to stimulate your body and its energy. The benefit of adding all of these three elements into your life is t...

Love Is All You Need!

In Nia, we approach movement with love. It is by connecting to love and by directing our choices with love that we grow easily and effortlessly. Guided from an internal place, love becomes the only ch...

Smell The Moment!

Without breath we die. Breath is our universal connection to everything. We breathe all the time, but not always efficiently. Breathing can be simplified into two actions, inhaling and exhaling. To br...

Creating Sustainability In Your Body

For greater staying power and muscle balance, work with dynamic ease. Use only the necessary amount of physical effort needed to move and sense dynamic relaxation, so you don’t overuse or build up t...

The Sum is Greater than the Parts

There is an existence of collective intelligence among groups of people who cooperate well that extends beyond the cognitive abilities of the group's individual members. The tendency to cooperate ...

The Difference Is Nia

A woman stands in front of me telling me, “Nia has changed my life.” A man writes to us that, “Nia saved my marriage.” A divorcee says, “Nia made it possible for me to survive.” And a rec...

Are You Listening?

Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis said, “Listening, is nothing less than our ‘royal route’ to the Divine.” He believed a hidden but primary function of the human ear is to charge the brain with electrica...

The Power of "IT"

If I’ve learned anything from all my years teaching Nia, it’s the power of “IT”. The “IT” is the thing that deeply ties you to wanting, to what you love, desire, an...

Radio New Zealand Interview with Debbie Rosas - Healing The World One Body At A Time

Listen to Debbie's interview with Radio New Zealand. Debbie discusses the history of Nia, and talks about her 6-week Nia tour in New Zealand and Australia.  Radio New Zealand Interview Des...

Pulse Sensation

There’s no question, the Body’s Way, which is Nia’s way is what keeps the work of Nia and Nia teaching on the right track. Squeeze-release is part of what we call Nia language. The main idea wit...

Health : The Science of Floating

As a child growing up in a time when free love and mind-body-spirit were emerging, floating was something we did in Marin County, California. I am reminded of my first experience in salt water-filled ...

Stay Healthy with the Change of Seasons

The holiday season always seems to come too soon! Staying in the flow helps me stay healthy and well during the hustle and bustle, connecting to the sensation of fluidity as I move, think and manage e...

Confessions of a Nia Teacher

For some time, I could only recall one long period of time in my adult life when I saw myself as beautiful. It was when I was expecting my first son. I was invincible and everything was possible. I di...

Born to Move

I was born to move! In fact, I have been moving my whole life. I had no idea my worlds as an athlete and fitness guru would one day collide and synchronistically click with my life as a mind-body psyc...

Everyone Needs Moving to Heal: A letter from Debbie

Portland, Oregon, is fully into the swing of fall. The sunny, cool days help me appreciate the transition into a new weather season and a new season of projects. I love diving into new projects. I&rsq...

Movement is Medicine: Nia presents at the World Parkinson Congress

Last week, Caroline Kohles and I attended the 4th Annual World Parkinson Congress in Portland, Oregon.  Caroline has been teaching Nia for Parkinson’s Disease (PD) at the Jewish Communit...

Nia Dances Into Bulgaria

In 2014, when I went on maternity leave with my son, my husband (who is Bulgarian) and I moved to Sofia, Bulgaria. Being a full-time mom brought new challenges to my life, specifically in how to keep ...