Mindful Fitness and a Cosmic Salary

Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes. And what do these two things have in common?  They both exist only in relation to our life force energy. As holistic beings, with a body, mind, emotions and unique spirit, we make choices every moment of every day as to how we invest this life force energy.

Nia teaches us to bring mindfulness to our choices, to how we opt to use and invest our energy. Beginning with the body’s movements, we use awareness of sensation, the voice of the body, to choose pleasure over pain.  By being mindful, listening to the body and moving into pleasure, we bring harmony, balance, and dynamic ease to our actions.  In this way, through movement, we find health.

We can similarly choose to honor our mind, emotions and spirit through mindful stillness.  These voices are not the chattering monkeys of our ego-based thoughts, but the deeper resonance of inner guidance. That unique creativity in each of us that inspires and shines through us, in light and love. By learning to listen and honor all parts of ourselves, we can choose to do good for all people and the planet. We can know peace, harmony, tranquility, right order and wholeness.  We can manifest our greatness.

5 Tips to incorporate into your Mindful Fitness plan.

1. Make choices that integrate movement into your lifestyle.

2. Make decisions that enhance the quality of your life.

3. Choose pleasure over pain.

4. Trust that the “Body’s Way” is the way to heal.

5. Consciously Coach Yourself.

When we integrate our world view, our philosophy of life and bring it back into the body, we move forward on our path to mindful fitness, the Body's Way.  Mindful fitness is a state of harmony of body, mind, emotions and spirit.  We invest our time, consciousness, and life force energy in all that we do and by doing so we receive a return on our investment.  In Nia, we call this our Cosmic Salary.  There are no taxes on this salary, and the benefits can live far beyond our own lifetime.

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