The Art of Listening

Just as listening is key to any human relationship, music is no different; we have a relationship with music. The more we learn to listen to it, the better we can communicate with anything--and for those of us of us who dance, the better we can dance.

Like another person, investing your total attention in music will deepen your relationship, making it possible to intimately know the unique personality of the "other," of the song. Each song is different; each has its own unique beat, instrumentation, structure and surprises. I can assure you, learning to listen to music with more than my ears, with my entire body, has made me a much better communicator with people.

The art of listening is the art of hearing; hearing music and all its details, the coming and going of each instrument, even the spaces of silence. Follow these exercises from Nia's practice of RAW and the 8BC system to develop your art of listening and witness how it changes your life.