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Shandi Wolfe-Weaver

Nia Brown Belt Teacher
Post Falls, Idaho, United States

Nia, for me, is Alchemy in motion.
Where dance becomes the invocation to heal body, mind and spirit in a simple, meaningful way. Nia is where I can let go, receive and manifest with one sweep of my arm, a roll of my shoulder, or the turn of my head. Listening to and appreciating my body has become second nature. Guiding my students to do the same, is my passion.
When community comes together in expressive movement we honor one another by witnessing valid stories told through our own unique movement. We begin to embrace ourselves, heal and give permission to others to do the same; exponentially.

I feel seen.

I feel hopeful.

I appreciate.

I sense Joy.

This satiates my soul.

Nia reminds me of my beauty when I forget, returns me to center when I've lost my way. She teaches me to listen to the whispers of my body and opens new possibilities that I had, in my distraction, overlooked. Nia is the best attitude adjustment I can recommend.
It is an invitation to "recommit and begin again".

When I was first invited to Nia class, my body had been in a slow arduous recovery from a serious auto accident in 1989. My core body had severe limited mobility from the injuries sustained to my cervical and lumbar spine. I had to relearn how to walk.
I had been a runner, work out enthusiest as well as a high impact aerobics teacher, but the new limitations caused so much pain in simple daily activities (i.e. walking, sitting, bending and standing) that impact activities were no longer an option.
I was forced to slow...way... down. And reticent to try anything new.
A 6 months later, I found myself stepping into my first class, extremely uneasy being barefooted. Yet I found this barefooted experience kept me honest with myself and allowed me room to move with more awareness. I wept from the beauty I felt rising within and over time my body began to change from stiff to agile.

When I was ready, Nia gently challenged me to go beyond my perceived comfort zone into increased fitness and personal transformation...
Its taken dedication to achieve the grace with which I move, practice and teach.
Today, Nia shines through my effortless movement and the care I take with each students progress.There's room for everybody, to take the time to nurture, heal, and watch our bodies change from the inside out.

The body is our truth teller. 
Nia offers a platform for the body to be heard. An opportunity to practice body-wisdom listening skills, and offers the inspiration to take it into daily life to master on a personal level, in a playful way.
The body is honored. Muscle tone returns. Cardiovascular and pulminary fitness increases.
The emotional body is allowed opportunity to naturally release uncomfortable emotions.
And the delightful choreography challenges the brain. Creating new neuro-pathways for higher brain retention and function. Making room for receptivity and positive change (i.e. healthy thoughts and choices).

I have been a Nia practioner since 2001. For me, if it "ain't" workin', I'm not interested. Nia WORKS! This kind of fun lasts a lifetime.
As a result, I've been teaching Nia to all walks of life since 2006. I am the creator of a Nia specialty application series, "Nia 101", for beginning students. Which covers foundational education of the Nia practice: Nia 52 moves; 13 principles, and 9 movement forms.

If you're looking for a timeless fitness program that's a delight to immerse yourself into; that will be there when you need to lean back; something that offers you the sensation of self appreciation without changing a've come to the right place!

Please, do join me!
Your body will change. Your life will change.

...ask me how I know ;)

With Pleasure,


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Cedar Street Bridge Movement Studio
334 N. 1st. St., Sandpoint, ID, US
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Grants Pass Family YMCA
1000 Redwood Ave, Grants Pass, OR, US
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Natural Fitness
1103 Superior St, Sandpoint, ID, US
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Rasa Yoga Center
3132 State St #200, Medford, OR, US
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Sandpoint West Athletic Club
1905 Pine Street, Sandpoint, ID, United States
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Shakti Soul
301 E. Missoula Ave, Troy, MT, US
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Stillpoint Ballet Studio
405 SE 6th St, Grants Pass, OR, US
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The Dance Space
280 E. Hersey #10, Ashland, OR, US
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