Nia Makes Its Hollywood Debut in HBO's Big Little Lies

Nia has made ripples in Hollywood recently. In an epic moment for Nia Technique, four Nia teachers in the UK were invited to participate in the Big Little Lies season 2 “Stretch and Stream” event in London, in which Nia was the star of the evening alongside the Big Little Lies season 2 sneak preview.

Three months ago, Nia trainer Dorit Noble and teacher Michele Kaye got approached by Fever PR about pitching Nia to NOW TV. Fever PR had researched season 1 Big Little Lies (BLL) and heard that the class Bonnie (one of the main characters on the show played by Zoe Kravitz) teaches on episode 4 is Nia. So they pitched to the head of PR at NOW TV (a UK streaming channel that belongs to SKY television) to do a season 2 special event sneak preview, incorporating a live Nia class. What resulted was an event entitled, “Stretch and Stream” in which 50 Journalists and media influencers were invited to dance Nia and then watch a sneak preview of season 2 episode 1 of Big Little Lies, at Television House in London, a week before it airs in the UK. Nia teachers Dorit Noble and Michele Kaye conducted the Nia class.

“Last night at Television House was a personal dream come true. 15 years ago when I brought Nia to London, I felt so frustrated in terms of wanting to shout about it from the rooftops, in the shopping malls, to get it the exposure it deserves. And now here we are featured on a national Network and the star of this BLLseason2 event,” wrote Noble.

Featured everywhere in the Television House space was Nia. Handouts were given to every journalist and info about Nia was posted throughout the space. During class, several journalists, media influencers and PR people expressed a great level of joy and energy as they danced Nia for the first time. Some even came up to Noble after class to express their appreciation and share that they planned to continue taking Nia classes. 

Still more ripples. Noble has some magazine interviews lined up and will be introducing Nia to the SKY and NOW TV staff in the next couple of days, in order to further share the joy of movement and the power of Nia with more and more people.

Special congratulations to Dorit Noble, Michele Kaye, Cim Bartlett, Elisa Rísquez, Fever PR, and all of the Nia UK team who helped facilitate this outstanding event. We are excited to see Nia continue to grow and flourish.