The Hands That Touch The Earth

By: Nia co-founder, Debbie Rosas

How often do you really feel your feet? Can you sense the soles of your feet and each individual toe on the ground? Do you workout to condition and strengthen your feet? Do you consciously use your feet? Do you like your feet? Get to know them, and you can have a healthy relationship with them for a lifetime.

As one of the most sensitive parts of the body, your feet create a foundation for your whole physical structure. Your feet not only support you from the ground up, but also speak to you through the voice of pain and pleasure to move safely, comfortably, and efficiently. If we listen, we can learn to ease tension from our lower back, strengthen the abdominal muscles with dynamic support from underneath and behind, improve our ability to breathe deeper and fuller, and bring aliveness and mobility to the spine.

Think about this…

Your foot is a masterful network of approximately 33 joints, 26 bones and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. You have more than 7,000 nerve endings in each foot, constantly sending messages throughout your body. Today, you will take about 6,000 steps. By age 70, your feet will have logged over 70,000 miles.

When your feet are healthy you move freely, comfortably and efficiently; your body weight can evenly spread across the entire surface of your feet, and your toes can lengthen and relax, leaving you feeling balanced, centered and supported from the ground up.

Build a relationship with your feet!

●Listen and sense what your feet are saying to you. Become aware of the sensations of pain and pleasure-signals that make it possible to choose healthy movement from the base up.

●Move your feet like your hands. Wiggle, spread, lengthen, yawn, and stretch them to keep them healthy.

●Spend a portion of each day in bare feet. Without shoes we can begin to strengthen our feet, increase the foot’s circulation and dexterity, decrease foot cramping and even heighten the arches of our feet.

●Give your feet some love. Wash and massage them. Give yourself a pedicure. Thank them for all that they do.

Feet create a foundation for your whole body. When your feet are healthy, you have a base you can count on to do everything you want to do. With a solid base beneath you, you can relax, let loose, move and live more fully.

Photo by Pexels