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Fortnite Tips

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Fortnite Tips

Free Fortnite account generator is easy to learn and hard to master. If you've already gained experience with the "PUBG" competitor, these eight pro tips will help you refine your tactics and end up as the winner on Arena Island!

1. Customize landing & route to style

Each match of Fortnite: Battle Royale starts with the jump from the Battle bus and the search for a suitable landing place. Don't leave this part to chance, but adapt it to your style of play to get the best start possible. Are you a goal-oriented shooter who keeps your nerve in firefights and likes to throw himself into confrontations? Then land in urban areas, where many weapons, but also many opponents are. Are you more of the unobtrusive guy and come to victory through deceit, good camouflage and forehand? Then look for a more remote place where you might find a first weapon but don't get directly into conflict. Find the perfect procedure for your style and then practice running the same routes over and over again. So you have a plan and a strategic advantage right from the start.

2. Prefer Healing to Many Weapons
At the beginning of a match, you're happy about every weapon you can get, but over time your inventory fills up with more and more whims. So lay down on a few weapons and throw away the rest. You should prove the vacant places with healing items such as bandages. If it gets hot in the late stages of the match, the extra pistol on the quick selection slot guarantees you fewer benefits than the saving Medikit.

3. Leave room for explosive weapons

When filling your weapon and item slots, make room for an explosive weapon such as the rocket or grenade launcher. These weapons do huge damage and are therefore absolutely essential to gain the upper hand in firefights with a single well-calculated shot.

4. Hide & Have Patience
Patience is a virtue in fortnite account generator with skins. New players you often recognize by firing at everything that moves – with great joy that an opponent runs in front of them in the big game world. But that is not particularly wise. Experienced gamers therefore only shoot if the chances of success are high enough. So make sure before the fight starts that you really meet the opponent and that you have a chance to get it done. If he is too far away, you only draw your attention to you with a shot into the blue – and immediately lose it from the visor. Better: First patiently sneak closer and then kill! In addition, you should check before each attack whether there are any other players in the area, who will only become aware of you.

Conversely, of course, it helps a lot to identify players who don't heed this tip. If they emerge weakened from a firefight with an enemy, you have easy play with them from the ambush.

5. Use Supply Drops
As with landing, your personal playing style is crucial when dealing with supply drops. If you're an offensive player, you'll find valuable weapons and items in the boxes, but you'll probably have to fight with other players. For ambush strategists, however, the Drops are an excellent lure that takes careless players out of their coverage – and sometimes lets them run right in front of the telescope.

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