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Date Added: February 13, 2010

Thank you for your interest in Nia! We hope that you enjoy this free streaming workout, Sanjana. If you would like to purchase this video, it is available in our store.

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The Nia White Belt Training is the first level of a five-belt training series that presents a body-centered approach to health, wellness and fitness. If you have a desire to share Nia in a professional capacity, the White Belt Training is your entryway into teaching. Those who choose to pursue the path of personal enrichment use this training as a starting point for becoming a master student.

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Sanjana is a Classic Nia workout which focuses on Dynamic Ease. Tap into and energize the sensations of Dynamic and Ease in this popular routine with Nia co-founder Debbie Rosas. Smile and sweat as you learn to monitor and self-activate these two powerful sensations, bringing every workout and aspect of your life into balance, strength, stability and harmony. For all levels.

Sanjana - The Class Experience