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Vicki Howell

Vicki Howell

  • +61 466 787 249
  • Skype @justaskvicki

My Credentials

  • Reiki Practitioner Level 3A, Nutrition Certificate, Certificate in the Muskuclarskletal System, Ageless Grace Educator

Vicki Howell

Nia Blue Belt Teacher
, Queensland, Australia

My Message  Move Nourish Inspire

Class Options:

Nia Classic ~ Our classic Nia movement class, always changing, always fun! 

Nia Soul ~ A powerful yet gentle class integrating Nia 5 Stages, Nia flow dance, Nia Floor Play, Meditation and relaxation.

Nia 5 Stages ~ Great for play-shops and personal one-on-one sessions. Especially suited  for those with special needs or those wanting a more gentle movement. Nia 5 Stages is a powerful program following the stages of human development. Offering improved physical & emotional alignment, with each stage building a strong foundation for the next.......a truly *feel better" sensation is instant, in Nia we call it self-healing.... you'll love it!

All classes are suitable to a variety of abilities, fitness levels, body types. Great for one-on-one sessions, corporate health and wellness programs, Work and Playshops, Retreats.

Tailored programs for:

  • Corporate Health & Wellness programs
  • Council Programs
  • One-on-one personal sessions
  • Mothers groups and general group meetings
  • Workshops & Playshops  
  • Retreats

Contact Vicki to discuss your needs

 Nia inspires you to use the gift of your body, mind, spirit & emotions to find inner peace, strength with benefits that can move you closer to your health and well-being goals.

Vicki Howell - Nia Blue Belt & Certified Nia Practioner, Nia Green Belt and Certified Nia 5 Stages Teacher

"A background from dance, movement & musical theatre was the catalyst that lead me to Nia at a time when serious health issues were compromising the quality of every day life. Discovering Nia came at exactly the right time. It lead me into making the changes and choices I needed to, with confidence. I really enjoyed the relaese, freedom and lasting sensation I felt, not to mention the pure joy and respect I gained for my body."

Sharing and teaching Nia for nine years Vicki continues to enhance her practice through further education in health, movement and well-being teachings. Sharing her experience through Nia is a passion that drives her practice today. Vicki’s purpose in sharing Nia is about YOU, helping YOU move closer towards your health, life and well-being goals.

"Over the years my practice has deepened, relationships have been made and strengthend with the many inspiring and wonderful souls I have met and moved with throughout this journey." 

"Nia is an inspirational, holistic movement and fitness program, that with regular practice can transform your life. My aim is to  guide you to blend, create and find your joy,  sense of ease, peace, balance & harmony in a fun and non-judgemental enviroment. After all you deserve it."


Your Time is NOW!


My Locations

Location Link
CWA Hall Caloundra
17 Kalinga Street, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
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865 Gympie Road, Lawnton, Queensland, Australia
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Wye Retreat
Morely Ave, Wye River, VIC, AU
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My Nia Classes

Day(s)sort icon Time Location Link
Monday 12:45pm - 1:15pm Encircle
865 Gympie Road, Lawnton, Queensland, Australia
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Monday 5:30pm - 6:30pm CWA Hall Caloundra
17 Kalinga Street, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
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I don't have any trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back later.