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Nia Testimonial: Alexandra Wilde, Nia Teacher

Nia Testimonial: Alexandra Wilde, Nia Teacher


About me:

Born and raised in Austria, I had a great love about so many things: dance, languages, chemistry. I studied language, and realized, something was missing. I added chemistry and felt better. Still something was missing till I met Nia... and reconnected with my love for dance.

Why do you practice and/or teach Nia?

Nia is my practice. She has been teaching me that Love is stronger than Fear. That I can always choose Love and Joy. That I best start with my own body, my thoughts, my emotions, and my unique Self. Coming from my loved self, I can increase the Joy by sharing it with others. Nia inspires my Freedom with Form, and my Form with Freedom. As a little girl, I wanted to be a dancer, a healer, a poet, a scientist, and a princess. I wanted to be strong, mischievous and funny like Pippi Langstrumpf, fragile, beautiful, and bedded on roses like Sleeping Beauty, powerful, supportive and wise like a magician. I realize that I live all of that - sometimes just a tiny bit. Nia has helped me to integrate the parts that had not been integrated before that. There were times when I was unhappy to be a woman. Today, I am grateful to be who I am, and to be in a position to grow into my potentials. Nia has been a catalyst and nourishment in this process. Thank you, Nia. Thank you, Nia community!

Where and with whom do you take Nia classes and/or trainings?

Whenever I can, with teachers around the world. With great teachers in my room - ok, from DVD. And my own classes.

What is one thing most people don't know about Nia?

How much Nia can make you sweat if you just choose to move and intensify!

What tip can you give someone who is considering trying Nia for the first time?

EnJoy and if you are not sure at first sight, come back!!

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