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Finding and Following Your Purpose

Finding and Following Your Purpose

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With: Debbie Rosas ~ Co-Creator of Nia

Date: Mon, Nov. 1, 2010 - 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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Exploring the Science of Nia White Belt Principle 11 — Creating a Sacred Livelihood

Discover how to find and follow your purpose!

Every day, we have an opportunity to create a sacred livelihood. Creating a Sacred Livelihood is a practice of finding and following your purpose. It means recognizing you are sacred and that everything you do is an exchange of your life-energy. When you identify and follow your purpose, the return for all you create and share is what we call your Cosmic Salary. This includes not just monetary returns for your energy, but also rewards beyond tangible measure, such as inspiration, gratitude, happiness, love and a sense of fulfillment. So what matters to you? What inspires you to wake up every day? How do you find your purpose - and what does it mean to follow your purpose? How can you step into your greatness?

In this call you will learn the science of:

  • Creating a Sacred Livelihood.
  • Why YOU are sacred.
  • Recognizing your purpose and desires.
  • Creating a meaningful and powerful life by integrating your self and your creativity into everything you do.
  • Finding the “livelihood buttons" that tune you into your purpose.
  • Identifying the elements of your Cosmic Salary.
  • "Being the brand."
  • "Standing for Yourself."
  • Sharing your purpose and what this means for you and for the world.
  • Reevaluating the values and principles you live by.
  • The three steps to creating your sacred livelihood.


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