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Sources of Personal Discovery

Sources of Personal Discovery

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With: Debbie Rosas ~ Co-Creator of Nia

Date: Mon, Aug. 2, 2010 - 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

This Telecourse has already occured. Registration is closed.
The recorded call should be posted soon.

Exploring the Science of Nia White Belt Principle 8 — The Core of the Body

Discover how exploring The Core of the Body can tap you into sources of personal discovery!

The Core of the Body includes your head, chest and pelvis. These three parts (or "weights") are containers for vast sources of information and power. Each weight holds a unique essence and wisdom (which we call "chakra energy") and is associated with specific emotions. Because of this, all three body weights hold a key to maintaining physical and energetic balance in your body. Understanding what these body weights are designed to do allows you to tap into vast resources of personal discovery. What do you have in your core, waiting to be unleashed?

In this call you will learn the science of:

  • Listening to the language of the chakras.
  • How and where vast amounts energy are stored, exchanged and directed in your body.
  • Using imagery to create an interactive, "moving conversation" with your whole body.
  • Using Nia’s "emotional control knob," Volume-Up / Volume-Down.
  • Moving your head, chest and pelvis The Body’s Way.
  • Thinking, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching, intuiting and seeing in new ways.
  • Living in a “body electric.”
  • Daily rituals for loving your body and life.


Download the Call as an MP3
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