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A Sensuous Reality

A Sensuous Reality

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With: Debbie Rosas ~ Co-Creator of Nia

Date: Mon, Feb. 1, 2010 - 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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The Science of Nia White Belt Principle 2: Natural Time and The Movement Forms

Join Nia co-creator Debbie Rosas Stewart for this month’s topic:

A Sensuous Reality – The Science of Nia White Belt Principle 2: Natural Time and The Movement Forms

On my 40th birthday, I received a book about something I had never heard of called "Natural Time." The book described an organic, rather than mechanical, way of moving that was not just natural, but actually sensuous. I found it intriguing that I could work out and feel sensuous at the same time. I wanted this sensuality for my self and my body! Integrating Natural Time with the Nine Movement Forms of Nia shifted my experience of working out into a more sensuous reality.

Natural Time and the Movement Forms taps you into The Body's Way. The Science of Natural Time says, "Activate your 13 main joints to give your body one thing it needs to stay healthy and fit: the movement of energy throughout your whole body. Use your 10 toes and 10 fingers to tap into your body’s ability to sense and 'measure' how far, how high, and how deep you can safely step, jump, reach, sink, bend, and rise." The science of the Movement Forms says, "Move in a variety of ways and you will keep your nervous system attuned and healthy." Using Natural Time and the Movement Forms, you can develop a direct sensuous relationship between your body and life.

In this call you will learn the science of:

  • Activating the body’s 13 main joints.
  • Intuitively measuring how far to go, when to stop, and when to go deeper.
  • Sustaining health and wellbeing in an organic, non-mechanical way.
  • Creating a physical connection between your body and sensuality.
  • Conditioning your nervous system.
  • Activating the Voice of The Body.
  • Tracking and activating the flow of energy.
  • Reaching your movement potential.
  • Creating balance and harmony in your body and life.


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