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Susanne Meis

Nia Black Belt Teacher
New Malden, England, United Kingdom

To me Nia is the gift that keeps on giving....

Teaching Nia has been the most powerful ongoing personal development force in my life. I am continuing to grow and get stronger with Nia and feel deeply grateful to share her never-ending gifts of joy, energy, awareness, community, love, laughter, friendship and many magical shared moments.

Looking back I realise that my love of movement has always been there. It just lay dormant for over a decade. I am so grateful that Nia awakened it again and helped me to come full circle.

As a child I loved moving freely in nature and remember feeling energised, joyful and connected when twirling outdoors. At secondary school I was introduced to ballroom lessons and felt alive and happy when on the dance floor. By the time I completed my A-levels I had grown critical of my physique. Longing to be free, I studied foreign languages, left my native Germany to live in Paris and London, and worked in various linguistic roles.
For over a decade I hardly moved and did not listen to my body. My divorce from my first husband was the catalyst for a spiritual awakening and radical questioning of the status quo. I felt drawn to healing and transformation and trained in a range of energy medicine and personal development modalities. Meeting my new husband marked the awakening of my true feminine self. I explored the phenomenon of twin-souls, feminine energy, polarity, sacred intimacy, began to take Bellydancing lessons and published a sensual novel.

How Nia found me: 

In 2004 I first danced Nia in a giant tent at a Personal Development Camp in the Canadean Mountains together with my husband and over 300 people. Despite my jet-lag and many insecurites, I felt more alive after one hour of Nia than I had for most of my life. At that point I could never imagine doing anything like the Nia teacher who was guiding us through this amazing experience.

Years later I was writing a magazine article on holistic health and was invited to interview Ann Christiansen during her White Belt Training in London. After an exhilarating masterclass with Ann I longed to teach but did not feel confident enough to train at the time. In December 2009 I finally took my White Belt with Ann and have been teaching classes and hosting workshops and retreats since January 2010.

Further belts with Ann followed, and the Nia Brown Belt training in 2014 inspired a renewed and ongoing enquiry into the most effective Personal Energy Management tools resulting in the creation of Orangelily Energy Mentoring Services.

My own energy levels have soared, I lost 20 kgs of excess weight, and I am passionate about helping more conscious women experience extraordinary energy to fulfil their highest personal and professional visions.

I know Nia and joy of movement will be there for us along the way...



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Dance Studio, Holy Cross School
25 Sandal Road, New Malden KT3 5AR, United Kingdom
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Monday 8:00pm - 9:00pm Dance Studio, Holy Cross School
25 Sandal Road, New Malden KT3 5AR, United Kingdom
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