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My Credentials

  • Nia Blue Belt, Ageless Grace Educator and Trainer, Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy, Sound Healing, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, EFT practioner, Ayruvedic Massage Therapist,Shamanic Healing Apprentice

Susan Meehan

London, Ontario, Canada

My Nia Story

By Susan Meehan

When I dragged my unwilling, sorry self to an all women’s dance thing in honour of a woman who had crossed over that I didn’t know…I was unsure of what I was getting into. I had been told all about Nia by my very good friend who had been taking classes for a good while. She kept telling me how much I would love it and was describing some of the unusual yet powerful ways she was moving her body. I still didn’t get it. I wasn’t able to get a sense of what she was trying to illustrate for me. I had no clue. No idea that something like Nia was even possible. I had not been paying attention. I was living through a fog, with a hopelessness, and a fearfulness, that plagued me regularly. I was broken, unbalanced, barely functioning, with my self esteem at an all time low. I was 39 years old.

I felt like my body was betraying me, and my mental health was slipping away. I had been suffering for 7-8 years like this. I had limited mobility, and sometimes none. I experienced excruciating debilitating pain on a regular basis, which left me immobile. I was depressed, and exhausted. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a neurosurgeon, and because I was desperate for a solution, I went against my better judgement and agreed to the prescription offered to me by my family doctor of a pharmaceutical medication for the treatment of depression. Was this the way life was going to be? I sure didn’t like the looks of the road I was looking down.

I found that the drugs had so many unpleasant side effects, and really weren’t helping me that much. I was more stable, but definitely not experiencing joy, health and wellness like I wanted to. I was sure that there could be a better way than this. I had enough training in health and wellness previously in my early career life that I knew that my health could improve.

I found myself as stated above in a Nia Playshop put on in honour of a woman who had crossed over. This was given by her friends. The instructor began by telling us to take off our shoes. This was different. She said we were going to move our hips and our bellies in ways we aren’t used to. She called it “chewing the belly!” I grinned. What is this I was hearing my self say. This is soooo cool! As the music began and I was seeing myself bowing to earth and allowing my arms to softly fall, my breath to softly exhale, my arms reaching up to the heaven, I was noticing a real change inside my body. I could feel my body saying “what is this?!!!”  “This feels amazing!!!”  “Hey, we’re alive in here!!!”

Next I heard my higher self saying…”Oh my God…it’s you, I remember you! Ohhhh, you are so beautiful. I love you.”

I heard my earth self saying…..ohhhhhhh,  I am so sorry. I am so deeply sorry for all the times I hated you. For all the times I criticized you. For all the times I condemned you. I re-member you. I love you.”

I had never experienced the sensation of self love before. I was never taught that or shown that before?

When I left the playshop that day, I said, “ I AM going to do this.” I was taking classes the next week. Within two months I found myself in the Nia White Belt Training in Lansing Michigan with Winalee Zeeb! My life changed forever that week. I had a lot of healing to do. And heal I did!

I have been teaching the Nia Technique for 8 years now. I have also become a Therapist and own a Healing Practice that enables me to self heal and facilitate other's to heal in their own way! It has been rewarding and life changing. Nia has been a huge part of my transformation. I continue to heal and transform!

Nia is a way to connect to the Source within. The Nia Technique gave me a new body. It showed me the path to my Source self. My higher self. My God self. Nia showed me and still does, how to Dance through Life. How to shape and heal myself everyday, through movement.

.Before Nia,

I was dis-membered…

Now I Am,


“Through Movement We Find Health.” Nia’s Motto

“Through Service We Find Wealth” Susan’s Motto

Now I Am

Love, Susanxo


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