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Sue Silcox

Sue Silcox

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Sue Silcox

Nia Brown Belt Teacher
, Queensland, Australia

I lived in a world of information technology and I was truly at the detail level. I was the one who finished the jobs that no-one else would, or didn't want to do! Well, somebody had to do it. I've always been a happy, optimistic person but it was sometimes hard to feel those wonderful energies when you are stuck to timelines and targets. My exercise consisted of walking the dog, very active play with my young grandchildren and the occasional swim. I was reading a magazine article in a weight-loss clinic when I read about a movement practice called Nia and I was inspired enough to follow it up. Thank goodness I did!

It took a few months for the Universe to step in and I discovered that my local council were running Nia classes for Seniors. If that wasn't a message, what was? From my first lesson I was hooked. Just to look at the peaceful, joyful, integrated face and body of my teacher as she danced our dance, was enough to bring me in, even before the moves started. Pretty soon I knew I had to share this Joy with other people.

Since taking both my White and Green belts and dancing whenever I can, I know that this is the movement practice that we all need to do. It releases not only the laughing, happy child in me but also my expressive, loving heart and soul. I strongly believe that as we age we need to move and dance for body, mind and spiritfitness and health.

Come and join me in Kenmore and discover all that Nia can bring you.


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Tuesday 11:00am - 12:00pm
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