The Alchemy of Listening ~ Turn Your Relationships to Gold!

"Listening is an attitude of the heart, a genuine desire to be with another which both attracts and heals."    J. Isham                

Alchemy offers the possibility to transmute something ordinary into something extraordinary. Like any good alchemical art, the alchemy of Listening offers a magical process of transformation. Our sense of hearing is a vital part of our lives.  Hearing affects how we relate to the world and others. But, listening is different than hearing.  Hearing is the act of perceiving sound by the ear, so unless you are hearing-impaired, hearing simply happens.  “Listening,” is a conscious choice requiring awareness, focus and practice.

The "Art of Listening" is a Nia practice that turns listening into an art form. Nia teaches us to listen to the details and to pay attention to the silence and sound within the music. All sound comes from silence. Listen with full attention to silence and you will hear the deeper details of sound. We practice listening in a state of being relaxed, alert and waiting (RAW). In RAW, there is no inner-dialogue, no seeking, no agenda. By consciously focusing on the details of the music while remaining relaxed, alert and waiting to receive, we develop intimate listening skills and the ability to recognize more details within the music. Intimacy is all about the depth and the details.

Listening well improves communication.  By being better listeners, we become better communicators.  As we dance through life, the Art of Listening serves us in all our relationships, beginning with ourselves. It helps us listen and respond to the internal ‘voices’ of our body, so we know when we need to rest, be active, stretch, lie down, drink water, eliminate, etc.  We learn to listen to the inner guidance of our own unique spirit, leading to greater satisfaction and joy.  As we learn to relax, smell the moment, and truly listen, we open ourselves to receive more depth and detail.  In this way, we can communicate more fully and intimately in all of our relationships. By simply learning to Listen, we can transform the ordinary into the spectacular.

Practice these 6 little magic steps to help master the Art of Listening.

• Practice embracing silence and stillness while listening to others.

• Receive the sound of your own voice as you speak.

• Focus on one sound and try to track it against a variety of other sounds.

• Stimulate your ears by listening to new types of music.

• As you dance, notice how different types of music inspire different movements.

• Track tone and melody, notice howthey affect the mood or feeling in the body and mind.


Want to Learn More?  

Download the “Art of Listening” handout 

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