An Open Letter to My Nia Teacher - Michele Kaye

Dear Michele,

I would like to thank you most warmly and sincerely; I can't find adequate words to express how precious Nia has become for me over the past 6 or 7 years since I joined your class. Every Monday is an un-missable date in my otherwise very full diary, a real treat and so much more! I still yearn to be able to fit in two classes a week.

Personally, it brings me joy and well-being through the variety of aerobic and other choreographies you lead us through with such gusto and skill. Your kindness and humor dispelled any self-consciousness at the very beginning, and your occasional feedback is empowering. I find myself letting go of self-judgment and just letting myself be who I am, occasionally fooling around or mimicking folks. The best bit is liking myself more for it! As a therapist and healer, well, I rate the class as a stand-alone form of holistic therapy, no less, and as such I often recommend it to my clients.

I have found that my energy levels, stamina and suppleness have increased, and it's not only because of "lots of sweaty movement" per se: it's the joy that infuses most of the movements you take us through, with a lot of variety, and space for personal improvisation too, as well as the many different musical moods and dance styles. It has reconnected me again with my Brazilian days when dancing in the street, not only at Carnival, was so natural, and Latin expressiveness ruled.  You see, after decades of living in England and missing Brazil terribly, I'd held back on this way of being, and you and your Nia have rekindled it big time! It makes me feel young, or is it ageless?!

As a professional, I notice that my clients are helped in keeping their weight under control, their immune systems strong, and their detox mechanisms alive and well. Nia complements my therapy work really well, and I know that’s the case for other therapists who recommend Nia too. It's particularly good for the morale, when women have been through undermining and dispiriting times, as it allows for a quintessentially feminine expression in a supportive environment. One can then think more clearly ahead, as sticky emotions are encouraged to shift with the music and the dancing.

So all in all, I am, and will continue to be, a fan of Nia in the lovely skilled way you teach it and embody it, leaving us inspired.