What Inspires You to Create and Live a Sensuous Life?

I’m writing a book called “The Body’s Way”. I think I’ve been working on this book my whole life. I’ve always wanted to know what makes the body and me work. Why do I feel the way I do, think the way I do, act, and respond the way I do? Am I unique, or different from everyone else? 

Like you, I am unique and different. To me, this “same but different” is part of the magic, mystery, and wonder of living in a body. A body whose map and design is the same, and yet somehow ends up looking, acting, and expressing itself profoundly different. What’s the driving force behind all this difference? I believe it’s sex, and the body’s way, and the fact that our body is designed to reproduce and create. It can’t help it. The reproductive system, a system often ignored unless a pregnancy is involved, or disease and dysfunction sets in, is in charge of making sure you, me, and humanity survives. It drives us to “get it on” to create and procreate. So much so the reproductive system gets a lot of people in trouble. Why? It has great power, and unless you learn to use it wisely you will find yourself being run around by its force. Some call this force sex. I call it life-force. It’s the juice of creation. A body’s underlying force created from chemicals that dance, pulsate and commune with our hormones and neurochemicals, causing men and women to do things, as in come together. It’s the coming together that results in “I love you” and in the birth of offspring. There’s no getting around this force. The sperm and egg want to come together. It’s just the way it is. You, me, our bodies, they’re coded to “get it on,” to reproduce, and create not just offspring, but everything from thoughts, to ideas, feelings and emotions, everything that makes you and I the same, and different. Here’s my question. What happens if we see the world as one big vagina, space we can penetrate with desires and dreams? What happens if we approach everything with conscious awareness, understanding how second-to-second we can birth life and create good? What happens if we approach every choice and decision in the same way we might approach the question, “Do you want to have a baby?” I believe we just might create an amazing life and world, one where we reproduce better people by making loving, conscious, kind thoughts and actions.

Over the past thirty-eight years I have read hundreds of articles and books on the body, sex, sensuality, and sexuality to help me become a better person. I’ve studied tantric practices, communication, movement, martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts. No matter where I go to gather knowledge I come back to the best teacher: my body, and to life force, the chi, ki, prana that lives inside, and all around us. Part of the universe, this life-force energy is the fuel you and I, and the universe use to reproduce, create and sustain a healthy and magical life. This force is not something only turned on in bed when you feel sexually aroused. It’s not isolated to a single body part and it doesn't need to be having sex for it to run wild. Life force is a birthright. It is a power nested within your body’s 75 trillion cells. When this force is free to run wild, your body and life are healthy, and everything you do feels rewarding, sensuous and powerful. 

Use the body’s way tools and tips to help you unleash and use your life force to reproduce good actions, thoughts, and feelings. 

1.    Tool: Sound, vocally encourage your natural, non-word sounds to come out. 

Tip: In response to what you feel as physical pleasure, make pre-verbal sounds. As the sensation of pleasure, sensuality and joy builds become a sound box. Moan and use your vocal tone in melodic and expressive ways. Talk to the person inside you and empower them to speak up and make sound. Sounding pleasure keeps your body relaxed, open, and the sensation of pleasure flowing through all of the body’s 75 trillion cells. Use pleasure to create the perfect environment for your body’s 75 trillion cells to flourish.

2.    Tool: Move, rhythmically letting all parts of your body dance, the dance of sensual pleasure.         

Tip: In response to what you feel as pleasure, let go of your body’s 13 main joints. As good sensations build, consciously coax your body’s 13 main joints to stay open and loose, moving pleasurable energy into all parts of you. Fill your two ankles, two knees, two hip joints, two wrists, two elbows, two shoulder joints, and entire spine with feel good sensations. Flood your tissues with the sensation of pleasure. Use movement to create the perfect environment for your body’s 75 trillion cells to flourish.

3.    Tool: Express, emoting what you feel, allowing emotion to bubble up, and flow from the inside out. 

Tip: In response to what you emotionally feel, fully express yourself. As the sensation of emotional energy builds, let emotions surface and flow. Talk to the child inside, holding space for every emotion. No judgment, using love. Get to know what it means to you to express love, joy, gratitude, passion, ferocious, and insatiable emotions. Help keep emotions flowing by first recognizing the emotions, then release your lower jaw and sense the emotions flowing out, riding on every exhale. Use the flow of emotions to create the perfect environment for your body’s 75 trillion cells to flourish.

4.    Tool: Sense, connecting to the physical sensations coming to you from all parts of your body. Notice what pleasure buttons are on, noted as the parts of the body open to sensation. Notice what pleasure buttons are off, noted as the parts of the body not accessible to sensation. Seek to turn on all pleasure buttons, making your entire body open to the world of sensation. Stay turned on to life.

Tip: In response to what you sense, let sensation build Use your senses to awaken and connect. Use touch, smell, taste, hearing, and seeing to cultivate more and more sensual sensation and pleasure. Talk to the person inside you. The lover, the seeker of a deeper, fuller, wider, higher experience as a spirit embodied in flesh. Cultivate more physical pleasure by sensing life, making love to each moment. “Get it on” with life by noticing what is happening, growing, developing and swelling up inside you that turns on all 75 trillion cells of your body.