Sense the energy.  Feel the essence. Dance the aliveness.

Nia Sounds Zensation CD is a compilation created for Nia dancers. A sonic landscape, Zensation  offers a dynamic listening and moving experience based on the 9 energy personalities experienced in the Nia workout. As you dance to Zensation– you’ll feel the unique sensation of aliveness each of these energies inspires in your movement.

The energy personalities you will hear and sense include:

Tai Chi - the slow dance
Tae Kwon Do - the dance of precision and power
Aikido - the dance of harmonious lines, spirals and circles
Jazz - the dance of fun showmanship and self-expression
Modern Dance - the dance of shapes in space
Duncan Dance - the dance of free-spirited honest movement
Yoga - the dance of bones and joints
The Alexander Technique - the dance of movement from the top
The work of Moshe Feldenkrais - the dance of continuous awareness of sensation

Focusing on these 9 energies will bring sensation variety to your dance.  You might feel effortless,creative,powerful,flowing,wild,introspective,playful,expansive,peaceful,quick,sexy,joyful,spontaneous,healing,direct,open,flexible,light,restful,ageless,forceful,sassy,free,serious,positive,present,balanced... and that's just for starters.

These 9 energy forms are your best tool to become physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically intelligent about the healing benefits of movement and energy variety.