What is Nia? Debbie Rosas Answers in Her Second Podcast

Following the release of her first episode last week, "Who I Am," this week Debbie Rosas passionately explains the power of Nia, and how Nia came into her life and erupted into a worldwide lifestyle. 

This week, Debbie shares the story of Nia and its profound and lasting effects on the body, mind, and soul. What is Nia? It's beauty, it's power, it's fitness, and it's health, shared around the world. It has a voice, and this week Debbie explains how to listen to that voice so you can be happier and healthier in your life. Get into Nia's soul with Debbie and tell yourself, "Now I Am." 

Debbie's podcast is available to listen to right here, as well as on Soundcloud and on your mobile phone with Stitcher. Be sure to subscribe via iTunes for weekly updates on Debbie's personal podcast. This is your time. Get in, be moved, be you. 


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