Not the Status Quo

We’re not the status quo. We think and feel differently. We’re plugged into pleasure, joy, and love, not pain and effort. We’re courageous people. We seek body and life mastery.

Nia style is unique. Look into a class in full motion and you’ll see beauty expressed as graphic fitness, but also as a gypsy-like look. I believe this is the revolutionary spirit that lives inside Nia people. We’re not the status quo. We think and feel differently. We’re plugged into pleasure, joy, and love, not pain and effort. We’re courageous people. We seek body and life mastery. What’s lost? Following the crowd. Doing like everyone else does. Because life changes, we do too. What we do has nothing to do with reason and everything to do with expressing who we are, knowing we can be more. We thrive on feeling and looking good. We wear no shoes. We often wear the flowing, beautiful clothing designed especially for Nia. Our accessories may include wrist ornamentation that helps us move into a new found power and grace through the movement of, and focus on, our wrist joints. It’s enough to titillate the glam-girl/boy, working girl/boy, and the girl/boy looking for “it.”

Beauty is not only something we see, it is something we sense. The sensation of beauty is perceived as vitality, as having the choice to do what is meaningful and purposeful to you in your life-with your body. It is sensed as comfort, , conditioning, healing and bliss. It is sensed as mindful-consciousness, as spiritual creativity, emotional courage and integrity, and as physical power and grace. Beauty is sensed as truth, as respect for what is and can be when you aspire to be the best you can be. It reflects human possibility and potential. Beauty has the energy to move outward, to create change in your life and in the world around you. It is sensed as the physical feeling of releasing your power, as mobility - able to move, and as stability - the ability to be still. It is a vibration you can recognize as positive tension, an elastic quality of energy you can sustain and use to feel better, to feel good. Beauty feels warm and nurturing. It has the perfect balance between contraction and release - opening and lengthening. It is sensed as balance, grace, speed, coordination, and the body’s ability to remain strong, yet relaxed. It is sensed as energy radiating out, like the sun radiates heat, giving you the freedom you need to expand in your life. Beauty is present in the sensations of contentment, satiation, curiosity and the security to expose your deepest self. Sensing beauty is felt through the first stretch of waking, like the feline who loves to extend, to know her fullness from toes to tail –stretching into her claws and the spaces between where she lets herself out.

There is a kind of beauty one can connect to by living in the body and respecting its design and function. Follow these 5 Principles of The Body’s Way to naturally unveil the beauty and your beast!

A Body Thrives on Dynamic Ease: To the body, living and moving in Dynamic Ease means using maximum efficiency with minimal effort. Dynamic Ease is sensed as the feeling of effortless power, elegance, and grace. Do this, and you will look and feel beautiful.
A Body Demands Balance: Based on the body’s design you live in a temple with almost perfect balance and symmetry demonstrated by: the left and right sides of the body, your two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears, two lungs, two ovaries, two brain hemispheres, and two kidneys, and by the balance among the body’s major organs: one lung left and one right, kidneys left and right, and the heart on one side of the body and the liver on the other side. Balance is in you. Own it, express its beauty from the inside out.

A Body is Balanced in Yin and Yang: The body is comprised of yin and yang energies. Yin – sensed as soft, “feminine,” inward-directed energy that is constantly being manifested by the body’s smooth, almost melodic movements. Yang – sensed as more forceful and even harder, “masculine,” outward-directed energy, reflected by more explosive, rhythmic actions. Use Yin to balance the Yang and power and grace reflect a new kind of beauty where the beast within is awakened in the right way, and in the right time.

A Body Demands Simultaneous Mobility and Stability.  We sense mobility in the body’s thirteen primary joints: the wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, and spine. Each joint is designed to provide various forms and degrees of mobility. When empowered by adjoining muscles and connective tissues you get the beauty of communion that exists between mobility and stability. There is beauty in moving and in being still. There is beauty in speaking and in being silent. There is beauty in thinking and in emptying the mind. There is beauty in expressing yourself, and in giving the space for others to express themselves. 

A Body Reveals The Body's Way: Through the language of functional design, the body gives us a map we can follow to live a healthy and meaningful life. Through the language of feedback, our body provides a communication system we can use to listen to the signals of healthy and unhealthy. Follow The Body’s Way and the spirit embodied in flesh becomes something beautiful to behold. Something inspiring to all.