Nia in Hungary

Have you ever been to Hungary? No? You should do it at least once in your lifetime! You will be surprised when you 

arrive to Budapest, the capital city of this East-Central-European country. The buildings, the city, the 
museums, gastronomy and art are some of the most likeable things here, and, believe it or not, Hungary has a 
quite colorful Nia life!

Nia has started in Hungary about ten years ago. Within a decade we can say there are more than 30 
teachers in a small country like ours; two black belts and several blue and white belts. Last year, when Nia 
celebrated its 30th birthday, the Hungarians did two things: opened a Nia centered studio in the very heart 
of Budapest, The Shift (, where you can have Nia classes every day of the week,  and published an official translated version of the Nia Technique book, which is the first non-English version of it! 

This year we are still driven by a lucky star because several International Nia masters have visited Budapest. 
Niamaste Sabine and Philippe graced us on Easter weekend and the fantastic Helen Terry held a 5 Stages 
Training (first time in Hungary) the end of June 2014. And, in the beginning of July, the amazing Holly Nastasi 
came to dance with our body and soul.