Move of the Month: Palm Directions

Fit, unfit, healthy or not, Nia shows you how to use movement as part of your prescription for health. At the same time, you will learn about the body, and about how to care for your body on and off the dance floor.

If you’re part of the 12.3% of the population over twenty years old with diabetes, Nia movement can help you feel better. Research shows how depression is three times more prevalent in the diabetic population when compared to the non-diabetic population. Nia has helped thousands of people feel better, and has been shown to improve depression. Nia is an excellent exercise choice in the treatment, and prevention of diabetes and for people dealing with a variety of long and short-term illnesses. Fit, unfit, healthy or not, Nia shows you how to use movement as part of your prescription for health. At the same time, you will learn about the body, and about how to care for your body on and off the dance floor.

Move of the Month: Palm Directions

Learn how to use the Nia move: Debbie Rosas teaches you how to do “Palm Directions” to condition and protect your shoulder joint.

Watch Nia founder Debbie Rosas demonstrate one of the 52 moves: Palm Directions. Check out Choreography From the Ground LINK and watch her dancing to the song The Sun Is Shining from her routine Vibe. Using Palm Directions Debbie shows you how to condition your arms, and at the same time, protect your shoulder joint.


Changing the direction of the palms is unique to Nia. It is one of the most important moves you can do to integrate your body’s way with the body’s way map.

Functionally, Palm Directions are what you do to move energy and things in different directions. Palm Directions are best practiced by: moving imaginary objects, even the air and space. Palm Directions make it possible to raise the arms over the head, to push, pull, lift and lower while protecting the shoulder joint. “Palms Up” opens the shoulder joint, and is best used when raising the hands and arms above the head. “Palms Down” closes the shoulder joint, and is best suited for pushing down. “Palms Away” closes and stabilizes the shoulder joint, and is best suited for pushing out while keeping the wrists below the shoulder level. “Palms In” opens and stabilizes the shoulder joint, and is best suited for pulling in while keeping the wrists below the shoulder level.

Martial Arts: Use Palm Directions for moving with precision and to get the most power and greatest function while using your hands and arms in ways that protect the shoulder joint from injury.

Dance Arts: Use Palm Directions for expressing emotions, and for adding detailed body gestures that convey qualities of: tenderness, romance, drama, spiritual alignment, power, stability and so forth. Palm directions can energetically connect you to heaven, self, community, and earth.

Healing Arts: Use Palm Directions to self-heal the shoulder joint, neck, and shoulder girdle, and to enhance relaxed efficient breathing.

Sound: As you change Palm Direction, notice the opening and closing sensations in your shoulder joints, and the sensation of a relaxed neck. As you move, sound the words "Heaven,” “Earth,” “Self,” and “Community," matching the body language of your hands with your words as you energetically align your heart and spirit with the expression of Palm Direction gestures.

Relax and let go. Nia founder Debbie Rosas guides you through a meditation designed to bring you closer to the magic of movement, more present to the joy of moving in a body.

Voice of Movement

I am the voice of movement. By design I create life, sustain life, and fuel life. I am a source of sustainability. I make the world go ‘round. I make things round, vertical, square, rectangular. I am the King of shape-shifting; numbers and sacred geometry are the languages I speak.

My job is simple. I unite all realities, all cultures, all times and events. I am the timekeeper, the stopwatch of life, where time never stands still, where the past, present and future are one. My blessing of light and love asks you to create good, make good, and become good.

Life’s stimulation, I am both the seductress and motivator for creation, life, birth, death, and renewal. I sleep in the center of change. I walk behind every desire, and ride on the heels of the new. I am in you, around you, above you, and below you. The song of the universe, I sing out, “Move, move, whoever you are - move, and no matter how many times you’ve moved, move again”.

The most sought after power, invisible and visible, I am known by many as an electron, proton, and neutron, as the atom, molecule, cell, tissue, organ, and organism. Part inanimate and animate form, my waves of frequency both bind and break things apart.

You feel me as the warmth of sunlight on your skin. As the wind blowing across your face. As a thought in your mind. As an emotion in your heart. As an idea expressed through spirit. Motion is my dance. Change my fire. Space my playing field. You, my dancing partner. Shall we dance?

I hold extraordinary consciousness and wisdom you can tap into by becoming aware of me. Feel me, work with me, and choose me. Un-intimidated power, your job is to direct me to create the life, body and world you desire. If you become static and stuck, rest assured, I will rumble, causing you and your world to move—to change.

My fierce force is something you experience as earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis; for this is how I unleash the seeds of renewal to awaken in humanity the sacred and divine vision once forgotten.

I speak all languages. I am ageless, colorless. A resonant force, I am the Tantric sound of the universe heard. Move, and you cultivate more of me. Dance with me, and you experience yourself and life differently. I am never the same. I am never still.

I am most proud of my ability to help humanity shift; to experience the possibilities inherent in the human experience. Use me wisely.  What you “think” is better than what I and nature together create. Stagnation will destroy the very nature of my grand wisdom in charge of balance and harmony.

My mantra, “Through movement you find health!” connects you to the web of life.

I make you strong, flexible, mobile, agile and stable. Just because you can’t feel me doesn’t mean I am not there. My frequencies are like the Dolphins’, projecting up to 180,000 cycles of waves per second, more than ten times beyond your limit of hearing!

Get it. You live in my world, a world of motion. You are a force, and like nature, with the right kind of movement, you can move mountains. Audible or not, everything you think and do moves life along. Everything is felt and heard by me.

The frequency I desire is the movement of love, pleasure, truth, compassion, and gratitude. Integrity is my connective tissue, what binds me with power.

Awareness, the human waveform phenomena is what I give you to shape the moments of life into something where harmony and peace are the resounding cry.

If you feel lifeless, hopeless, call upon me. Use me to stir you out of a deep depression, and to shift anger into forgiveness. Use me to titillate your skin, to awaken your etheric body, and to inspire your mental body to dream. Use me to travel in your astral body to other worlds; to tap into your causal body where past life experiences, and the lessons to be learned from them, co-exist. Use me to reconnect to your spiritual body where “beingness” floats in the timelessness of the “now”.

A true lover of life, I love nothing more than the opportunity to play in the multi-dimensional psychophysical energy fields of humanity where waveforms of consciousness unify all.

Today, begin a new relationship with me. Breathe me into you…gently. Hold me loosely for a brief moment, then, allow me the freedom to move through your 75 trillion cells. Sound now, in a whisper, or silently, the root sounds of our universe, the bijas, the sacred seed sounds of the movement of life.