Love your body. Love your life!

I love the body. So much so that my love of the body has become my life. It’s also my business. I believe it’s the business of everybody, they just don’t know it. At some point, I believe, people wake up to this fact. The wake-up call may come by way of an illness, when mortality hits, or with age, when the knowledge that time is running out becomes real. No matter when or how, everybody gets the call. Some of us never answer the call. For some, they talk themselves into believing the “call” will go away if they don’t think about it. It won’t. Everything, all experiences in life happen in the body. The body is the way we come in, and it’s the way we will go out. Those of us who practice Nia are lucky. We’re not waiting for the wake-up call before we take notice. We’re taking care of our body, not out of fear, but out of pleasure, and out of the passion and love we feel for our body and life every time we move.

I feel blessed that the body is my business, and that it’s not only my business, it’s my life. It’s my main squeeze, my lifeline to experiencing all the ups and downs, joys and sorrows that are all a part of living in a body.

When I travel people ask me, “Where do you live?” I tell them the state and country, but the truth is my body is where I live, not a city or country. My body is my office. It’s where I do the most important work of my life—taking care of my health. It’s where I go to master the art of living in a body, which is certainly a lofty desire. Somewhere deep down inside me I know the idea of mastering the body gives me the opportunity to reach a level of potential I believe is attainable. Something I believe for a brief moment in time will make me feel invincible, like a warrior winning the battle, or a mountain climber having arrived at the top of the mountain. I’m fully aware that my age, and what I think is the time left in this body, is a key motivator. The illusion of less time somehow makes me get off my ass.