The Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is a characteristic, a sensation, a look, and a feeling available to us all. It’s one of those things defined differently by everyone. It is a subjective comment and opinion of the mind in the eye of the beholder. Herein lies the problem - the beholder. This is the one whose judgmental eye casts opinion on what is and what is not beautiful. I hear it all the time. She, it, he, this, or that is or is not beautiful. If beauty is something that exists only in the mind, then I ask, what is beautiful to you? If we begin to contemplate what is beautiful, I believe the eyes through which beauty is seen will transform into eyes that see beauty as medicine and as something that lives in and around us. Know what makes you feel beautiful and bring it into your body and life. Stand for beauty in and around you and you make the world look and feel better.