Movement vs. Fitness

I love exercise. I love moving mindfully even more. While exercise will deliver results, I have found the benefits last longer from mindful moving versus mechanical exercising. For example, the push-up is a great callisthenic exercise to strengthen the chest and arm muscles, but not everyone has the strength to suspend their body all the way from their toes to their neck with the proper form needed to do this exercise safely and efficiently. Not to worry. You can get the same benefits and more with this Nia Floor-Play total-body move.

Get up and down from the floor in your own way and in your own time, moving in ways that challenge different parts of your body. Use your body as free weight and breathe and sound, “Haa” to power your movement from the inside out. When lowering and pushing away from the floor, resist the pull of gravity. Play with varying your range of motion, speed, and intensity. Engage your hands, abdominals, upper back, shoulders, arms, legs, and hips by sensing a healthy squeeze-release in muscles and joints. Every day, move for one minute or until your body says, “Thank you, I’ve had enough.”