Live In Your Body, Not Beyoncé's

Pick up any magazine and you’ll see headlines like: Get a Body like Lady Gaga; Get Your Body Back after Pregnancy; Get the Perfect Beach Body; and Get a Body Like Beyonce. I don’t know about you, but I’m smart enough to know the only one who can get a Beyonce body is Beyonce. While looks matter, it’s the feeling inside that counts. If you don’t feel good, it shows; you can’ hide it. Feeling good comes from doing things that address the person in your body—you. It comes from knowing what you like, from paying attention to the things that add meaning to your life, and from recognizing and honoring what turns you on enough to live life fully and expressively in your body, not Beyonce’s. Living in your body, not someone else’s, is key to health; so every day, make a commitment to get in your body, be moved by your life, and expressively be you.