Focus For Power

People ask me what I believe to be one of the most important tools for creating body and life change. I always say, “focus.” Focusing is key to harnessing your power. I learned how to focus in the martial arts on the mat, where losing focus is dangerous. I use the concept of focusing on and off the dance floor, using my mind to focus and direct my energy and attention towards a desired end result. Like anything you want to master and use to become more powerful, focusing takes practice. Strengthen your focus muscles by looking and sensing. Use your mind, focus, and direct your energy and attention to the where (person, place, thing) that will allow you to create the what (desired result). Once you notice you’re focused on energy and attention, sense your connection “with.”  Harness the “with” energy to create more power by breathing in and out through your nose and by shutting out all distractions, so what remains is a silent, focused mind directing your energy and attention towards the outcome you desire.