Expanding Your Emotional Intelligence

In 1981 I asked my therapist Bill a question that changed my relationship with the body, the floor, and healing. I asked Bill “Why do the people who do Nia become so deeply touched and emotionally expressive?” His answer was, “Debbie, when you get people to move and invite them to sense, they connect with their body, and when you invite them to express what they feel, they come face to face with the most intimate connection of all: their own body and self.” He recommended a book, Emotional Anatomy, by Stanley Keleman, hoping it might shed some light on the body-emotion relationship I was exploring. While I initially used this book to understand more about the body and emotions, it was my own physical pain that birthed a simple practice I do every day dedicated to self-healing: Nia 5 Stages.

Look and listen to Nia 5 Stages trainer Laurie Bass show you how to do this simple 5-minute practice and get ready to feel and move better.

By exploring the 5 stages all healthy bodies go through to stand up, I created a practice people can do on their own or in a special class, guided by a trained certified teacher in the 5 Stages. No matter how many times I move through this simple practice, I experience profound changes and improvement in my movement skill, power, range of motion, and the organic ease and alignment in all areas of my body. What can you expect from this practice?

Benefits of Nia 5 Stages—
  • Increasing your energy and vitality
  • Improving your physical and energetic alignment
  • Improving your posture and grace
  • Increasing your body awareness
  • Enhancing your relaxation
  • Reclaiming optimal alignment and functioning
  • Releasing tension and blocked energy
  • Regaining flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability
  • Reclaiming and sustaining joint mobility and balance
  • Improving any physical activity