Dance YES Manifest

Power is the energy a human spirit can learn to cultivate and harmonize and use to create good. Use power wisely and the body and life you desire is much more likely to happen. Using power efficiently comes from knowing what you desire and making the right choices and decisions to get to where you want to go. This year as I travel around the US and Europe on my 2014 tour, Dance YES Manifest, I’m turning people onto the power inside them. I want to teach people how to use their power to become mapmakers of their destiny, manifesting what they desire. For those who can’t join me, I’m sharing my Dance YES Manifest scroll. Simply fill it out to get to know what you desire and to become aware of the things that can get in the way of you manifesting them. Review your answers, sensing them in your gut and heart, and for anything you feel is not a truth, rewrite your answers in a way that will support you in manifesting your desires. To stay connected and on track with manifesting your desires, pick a color you love. Whenever you see it, stop for a brief moment and remember your desire/s. Check to see if what you’re doing is taking you toward or away from your desires.