Crafting Change

I can’t help but feel that Nia as a business also wants to look good, feel good, and function better. Thinking like this sent me on a treasure hunt to find out what would give me and Nia a body, mind, emotion, and spirit facelift. My hunt took me to an amazing woman who travels around the world speaking to businesses about culture and trends: Jody Turner.

Whether you’re talking about a business or one person, driving and creating the map takes clarity, knowledge, and the courage to keep looking forward no matter what one perceives is in the way. As a business and industry leader, one thing is clear to me—the leading and visioning can never stop.

When Jody and I began our discussion about the future, she asked me if I was willing to let go of the past and step into the future. I said, “Yes!” How perfect that I began my and Nia’s dance of change with “yes,” manifesting a new facelift.

I take my job as the visionary, founder, and leader of Nia seriously. Like a good parent, I keep myself educated, my eye on the pulse of the future, cultures and trends. I use what I believe and know to be true to motivate those around me - inspiring them to keep on Doing-The-Doing while teaching them to become mapmakers of their own future. I believe if I shine a light bright enough, those who want to participate in creating a new future will follow. What do I see in the future for me and Nia? Something bright!

So what’s new?

You’re going to see new, trendy colors and designs for our marketing collateral with simple universal messages that speak to Nia’s 49 participating countries in words anyone at any age can easily understand and connect with. You’re going to see a more modern look to Nia’s branding, complete with a new font for the word Nia. You’re going to see me, Debbie Rosas, Nia’s leader, visionary, my face and voice up front, close, and personal. Last, I’m going to keep you inspired and motivated to create the body and life you desire by giving you information, tools, and tips from the four main areas every student, teacher, and trainer has described they get from Nia: fitness, health, power, and beauty.

Each month in “Get In-Be Moved-Be You” you’ll receive:

A personal letter from me.

Fitness tips and tools to help you become strong, agile, mobile, flexible and stable, with concepts you can use in and out of class that speak to the four parts of you that when integrated allow you to reach potential in: your body, mind, emotions and spirit.
Health tips and tools to help you connect to sensation, making it easy to make right choices and decisions for your body and life.
Power tips and tools to help you connect with the sensation of right force, the kind of energy that leads to good results, to personal growth, body and life changes, personal leadership, skills, and transformation.
Beauty tips and tools to help you connect with the sensation of wholeness, and to look good-feel beauty results you can claim for yourself that are not confined to a certain look, age or size, but to something inherent in everybody.

For Nia Livelihood Members, you’ll see a special section just for you at the bottom titled: MEMBERS. You’ll receive tips and tools from me, Debbie Rosas, and the amazing team of Nia trainers, giving you everything you need to enhance your personal practice and profession as a Nia teacher.

  • Teaching tips and tools to help you embody the what, why, and how of body centered fitness, with guidance to help you successfully use the language of Nia and the 52 moves, with communication methods that ensure success.
  • Routine tips and tools to help you learn, move, and energize choreography with methods to help you build the moves from the Base-Core-Upper Extremities, speak Nia language, listen-dance-share, crafting a Nia experience to deliver the Nia promise.
  • Marketing tips and tools to help you get the word out about Nia and you, with guidance to attract the market/s you desire to teach.

One of my lures for getting into the body is living a healthy life. In my over thirty-five years in the business of the body, I know there’s more than the health I get by getting into my body. Besides health, I get fitness, power, and beauty; and at my age, I want it all.

GET IN your body. BE MOVED by the extraordinary experience of Nia. BE YOU unleashing your unique spirit to discover fitness, health, beauty, and power! How? By finding a Nia class. By taking a Nia body and life training. By working out at home with one of Nia’s unique cardio-dance fitness DVD’s or by dancing with me at my “2014 Dance YES Manifest” US-European tour where you’ll meet the amazing community of Nia students, teachers, and trainers.

My husband and business partner, Jeff, has always perceived Nia as the culture and a trendsetter we know it is – we each live it daily, let’s keep moving forward.

GET IN your body and stretch your wings. BE MOVED by the music, movement and magic of Nia, and BE YOU in ways you never imagined.

Debbie Rosas
CEO and Founder