Beauty Is a Sensation

I’m blessed. I’m one of those people lucky enough to have parents who regarded beauty as something sacred and important in life. The way my parents dressed, our house, the food we ate, the dinner table setting, everything reflected beauty. They taught me an important lesson: that beauty is not only something you see; beauty is something you feel. Beauty is the stuff that catches your heart and eye from across the room, causing you to look and see beyond what’s on the outside. I believe beauty is medicine and that beauty is a power both men and women can learn to honor and respect. Link

No matter where I go, people stop me and tell me I’m beautiful. At first I didn’t know how to respond. Then I remembered something my mother told me. “Debbie, every day dress and act in ways that inspire people in the same way they are inspired by going to a museum and looking at the art. Make them look.” I quickly discovered it’s not just what people see on the outside; it’s what inside where the real power of beauty lies.

Trained at an early age to create beauty, I tested what I believe - that beauty is an energy seen, hidden, and felt that reflects how you feel about yourself. In 1989 I tested this belief by shaving my head. That’s when the comments, “You’re so beautiful.” started. They haven’t stopped.

I’m not bald, but my hair is as short as it gets. Shaved and bleached white, my hair hugs my scalp. Once my hair was gone, I could no longer hide behind it or blame a day on good or bad hair day. I had to dig deeper into what made me feel good and beautiful.

I discovered feeling beautiful began with getting into my body and being moved by the people and the world around me, affected, touched by life, not cut off from it. I also discovered I felt beautiful when I had a simultaneous connection between me and the divine. I believe Buddha lived in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual space that brought the sweet turned-up smile to his face.

So what is it that makes you feel beautiful? Is it when you’ve finished the 10K run on a rainy day and you feel invincible? Is it sitting on your couch in your flannel jammies, slowly drinking your favorite cup of coffee and feeling gratitude for your life? Is it the moment you hear the key in the door knowing someone you love is home or walking your dog and listening to the early morning concert sung by the birds? Is it taking the time to pick out something from your closet to wear with the intent to inspire the world around you?