Aussie Nia Tribe Thrives

The Nia Technique is alive and well ‘down under’ thanks to a thriving Aussie tribe that is passionate about sharing Nia all the way across our wide brown land.  The spirit of the Nia Australia community is strong, and filled with humour, depth, maturity and a lot of gorgeous Aussie sheilas and even a few blokes.  We embody our national character, with a raw authenticity, a down to earth attitude and a streak of irreverence. 

The first White Belt Training in Australia was led by Holly Nastasi in 2005.  Since then International Nia trainers have visited our shores to deliver White, Green and Blue Belts and Nia 5 Stages Trainings.  In 2012, we were more than a bit excited to celebrate the inauguration of our very own Australian Nia White Belt trainer, Sophie Marsh.  And in April 2014, 23 new Nia White Belts and 4 retakes, graduated from the 19th Australian White Belt since that first one in 2005. With over 200 Aussie Nia Belt Graduates, our tribe is growing fast.

Nia is a now a presence in Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia.  We have a big country with a lot of space and huge potential to expand Nia and its life-enhancing benefits.  Where Nia is known it is well-loved and we are living in a time of great positivity, potential and growth.

Nia Australia was formed as a grassroots non-profit association. Its purpose is to support Australian Nia practitioners through teamwork and networking, personal and professional development opportunities (including certified Nia trainings) shared marketing initiatives and discounted group insurance for licensed teachers.

Through showcase demonstrations, special events, local networking and the use of our own website, Nia Australia makes the technique, practice, philosophy and lifestyle of Nia available to Australian communities. We have integrated Nia into Australian health, fitness, holistic wellness, youth, senior, special needs, educational and recreational sectors. The Nia Technique is regularly featured at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Nia Australia aims to create healthy communities. Nia is a wonderful tool for self-healing, personal conditioning and nurturing community spirit. Nia practitioners gladly support community fundraisers and events, health awareness campaigns and other worthy causes.

In Australia, Nia classes, playshops, trainings and events are offered through a variety of outlets:

         •        Community centres

         •        Local halls

         •        Health clubs / Gyms

         •        Personal training studios

         •        Yoga / Pilates studios

         •        Physiotherapist / Osteopathic Practices

         •        Schools

         •        Workplaces

         •        Conferences / Expos / Festivals

         •        Private events

Regular Dance Jams are held to raise funds for charities and social enterprises and to bring communities together to celebrate and dance.  We are proud to share a practice that changes lives, expands joy, and enhances spiritual connection.

In 2013 we held our first annual ‘Gathering’ bringing the tribe together to one location and celebrating with dance jams, playshops, Nia 5 Stages, healing workshops, and precious time together dancing, laughing, eating, being, healing, playing and celebrating our collective spirit and love of Nia.  The dates are set for 2014 and the ‘Gathering’ is already a highly anticipated event on the Aussie Nia calendar.

What next?  More White Belts scheduled, a Brown Belt, Nia 5 Stages Training, 52 Moves with Debbie????  The sky’s the limit.