The Year of Saying "Yes!"

One of the most important aspects of a Nia workout is choosing pleasure over pain. It's about joyful sensations and listening to the wisdom of your body, which allows you to create a strong environment for good health. Consider that a person's positive or negative attitude can make a difference in weight loss and fitness. Saying “Yes!” to things that feel good creates a dynamic that makes life joyful. Lack of enthusiasm leads to missed workouts, emotional eating, and this only makes you feel worse.

In the article Think Twice we discussed the importance of following your gut-brain and trusting your body to help you make decisions. Your body is the best source of direct information, but you have to keep it moving and learn how to feel and trust each sensation. This year focus your attention on what makes your body say "yes!" 

Listen to the The Delicious Life podcast interview with Debbie Rosas: Say Yes! To A Delicious Life. You will learn the power of laughter, pleasure, and the best way to say yes to the things you love the most.

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