Timeless Dance Moves

Do you remember raising the roof or doing the hokey-pokey? What about the twist? Dance moves can be timeless, everlasting, and ageless (okay perhaps the moonwalk might belong to 1985, but it’s pretty easy once you practice it.) 

In the Nia community, our hokey pokey teaches us to put more than just your left foot in and your right foot out. We pay attention to our toes, heels, inner arch, chins, and thighs.  Our bodies love the hokey AND the pokey. When it comes to the twist or raising the roof no one does it better than Nia. We raise the roof with our bodies, mind, emotion and spirit, even our voice. All of these energies are part of the dance.

Many movements are timeless because it involves dancing spontaneously. In those moments no matter what moves your are doing the body will inevitably shimmy, shake, kick, punch, and dive.  

One of the great things about Nia is how timeless and ageless it is. Timeless because the 52 Moves are the same moves bodies having been doing from the very beginning of time. The only difference is we’ve added new music and cool clothing.

In Nia we learn how to feel good and look good, expressing ourselves universally with all movement and celebrating the timelessness of movement and age.