NiaSounds Announces First Independent Release, "Stuart"

Congratulations to Jeff “Stuart” Stewart, President of Nia Technique, for releasing his first album.

With intelligent lyrics, catchy melodies, and powerful arrangements, this music takes you on a journey through time, emotion, and inspiration. Stuart’s vocals seamlessly dance from gritty-bluesy to smooth-romantic and is delivered with a rare honesty. Stuart evokes artists Bowie, Depeche Mode, Springsteen, and Neil Young and the album is topped off with an Italian Love Song.

The son of an American military family, Stuart spent most of his formative years in Rome, Italy, which he considers his hometown. “I had all my firsts in Rome. My first kiss, my first cigarette, my first fight, my first motorcycle accident. It was also when I got the nickname Stuart. “

Stuart’s passion for music started at the age of 11 when he got his first guitar. He learned his two favorite songs, an Italian pop song, and Gloria by Van Morrison, which he played over and over. Later in life, having performed in a variety of bands, Stuart has done everything from playing at bars and street corners for tips, to starting businesses, to editing and producing videos and being a brand and marketing expert.  One thing Stuart knows is how to put his finger on the pulse, and he did it with this album.

When asked how it feels to launch an album for the first time Stuart says, “It’s daunting, but at the same time exciting . It’s also interesting to sell oneself. I realized as a songwriter I really have something to say. My songs reflect all of me and I get to share it with the world. I think in some ways we all share the same feelings and I hope to inspire others as I have been inspired.”

He tries not to contain himself in one genre box and wanted to reflect this in the album.  He likes to surprise his listeners, but also make them feel connected.

Songs like “Anarchy” and “Trees” share DNA with electronic rock, and pop, but without ever stepping away from simple arrangements and acoustic instruments. Others, like “Two Little Children and ” and “Cher Amour,” manage to present vulnerable honesty and divine-fueled optimism in the same breath.  He ends the album with an Italian Long song, “Ill Momento é Ora,” and even gives us an Italian version of “Trees."

“Part of my distant dream,” Stuart says, “has always been to have the NiaSounds record label embrace independent artists. Now that we've gone to the process of doing an independent release, which is very different than our compilation releases, we are familiar with the mechanics and feel well prepared to expand our strategy to represent more independent artists in the future.” 

The CD will be released for sale next week. Stay tuned.

You can listen to the album now at reverbnation :

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