It’s a Knockout: The Votes Are in

On September 24th we held a friendly competition between Jeff and Paul regarding pre-order custom fabric made for NiaWear. Those that voted “no” had to email Paul. Those that liked the fabric were asked to pre-order a pair in order to raise the money to buy the fabric. It was a Knockout. Paul’s email got flooded with 353 emails. Comments included:

“In my opinion, it is too much of a good thing.”

“No, please! Too loud.”

“Eek, my eyes!  Ouch.”

 “No, I cannot find any English words for it, but my first impression
and also the second, third… is NO! Don’t do that! It is too much.”

Jeff received only 30 pre-orders. However, this isn’t going to stop Jeff from brainstorming on new fun designs and fabrics for NiaWear in the future. I’m sure he’s got ideas brewing right now.