Turning 30 Never Felt So Good!

Thank you to the heroes who have carried the voice of Nia into her 30th year.

Let’s celebrate! Let’s shimmy, shake, step, sink and rise. Let’s kick, push and pull, and sing the praise of movement, joy and love. You are my entry into the magical world of the human body, mind, emotions, and spirit and Nia is our entry into greatness!

I can’t believe it’s been thirty years since I took off my shoes and said, “Wow, my body is really moving!” My life, and the lives of thousands of people, has been changed by this one act. As someone wanting to inspire people to feel in order to heal Nia continually inspires me.

I’m kicking off this celebration with a whole day of events, and ending it with a “Roast and Toast” gala.

I’d love to hear from you directly, so please send us any funny or touching stories, videos, or images that you’d like to share about Nia. Feel free to have fun at our expense and have fun with this!

The Age of Mastery

While I have been inspired by many people, this year I give thanks to Michio Kaku, author of the book Visions, How Science Will Revolutionize The 21st Century. Michio Kaku says the “Age of Discovery” in science is coming to a close and opening up to the “Age of Mastery.” When I ponder what this means, I believe living in the age of mastery provides us with a unique opportunity to dive into the mysteries and sensations of the body, and learn about what it means to live in harmony and in peace with the entire Universe.

The word master is defined as, “the possession or display of great skill or technique.” For those of us who practice Nia we often relate to mastery as gaining the knowledge and, or skill to accomplish living well in our body and life. We do this by following the map of the body, the body’s way, and by listening to the voice of the body through sensation. We also do it by following the sensation of pleasure, which let’s us know we’re on the right path, doing the right thing, mastering the art of living life in a body. And there’s something else: we’re driven by a desire to find more meaning and purpose, more fulfillment and satisfaction.

In the spirit of connection, community and cooperation let’s continue the journey together and discover more of what it means to master living in a body in healthy and meaningful ways that rock our world and the world we live in.

Let’s share in being heroes in what it means to move the message of Nia into our communities and into the world, as we celebrate our bodies, pleasure, and peace.

I want to share with you my poem, “The Voice of Nia” and as an added thank you I’m offering 30% off a 12"x16" print of "Nia Goddess." Just use the promotional code 3030 at check out.

In Deepest Respect and Gratitude,

Debbie Rosas
CEO + Founder of Nia Technique