Current Top Ten NiaSounds

One of the most compelling elements of all Nia workouts are their soundtracks. Here is a list of the top ten NiaSounds that trainers around the world love the most.

  1. R1: takes you on a journey through the body, using music variety to inspire movement and explore the idea that all relationships stem from a connection between our physical and spiritual selves.
  2. Passion: is a compilation of sounds filled with sensuous power, pulsating vibrations, and electric seduction. Jazzy, passionate, sexy, and motivating sounds will drive the body, heart and soul to dance and jive like no other.
  3. Aya: is akin to a circle, round in simplicity. The theme is an uplifting connection through tone. Swinging on the beat of eternity, these dance variations engage and inspire the listener to move. Aya enacts freedom, romance and the excitement of life! This smooth compilation opens the heart to love and Joy.
  4. Fly: a Nia compilation featuring an edgy mix of pop, rock, hip-hop and world music. Flirty, sensuous vocal harmonies and club beats inspire the body to dance. Ride the riff of electric guitars to amp up your energy, then get seduced by acoustic, ambient sound; a full circle journey into the sonic spectrum.
  5. Sexi: is an eclectic compilation guiding the listener from sunrise to sunset. Depicting a beautiful day full of waking wonder, to midday play and adventure, to evening celebration, to indulging in night falling, and resting in the arms of the stars. A gorgeous complement of feminine and masculine energies.
  6. Beyond: a true fusion of world beats, it shows its diverse range of sounds, switching from guitar-infused rhythms and entrancing vocals to a techno, island vibe. Move, meander, meditate or do all three while listening to this masterful mix.
  7. Opal: a sonic landscape brought to light through emotion and power, Opal restores as well as inspires. The brilliant richness that sparkles at the essence of this collection creates a rainbow of color through its grace.
  8. Humanity: a balanced combination of yin and yang dynamics, featuring the deep, aboriginal beats of Ganga Giri and Cybertribe, the funk of Afterlife, the Arabic melodies of Cheb i Sabbah, and the sensuous vocals of Norah Jones. Discover an unparalleled harmony through the musical landscape of polarity.
  9. Vibe: is a masterful mix of electro-acoustic, house, downtempo, reggae, lounge and mellow hip-hop. Splashed with talented vocalists including Bob Marley, this brilliant collection boasts thoughtful lyrics and instrumental variety
  10. Dreamwalker: is birthed from the magic of eternal silence, it weaves together silence and sound to transport your spirit to higher dimensions of movement, imagination, and emotion. Centered in Nia's philosophy of seeking Joy and Pleasure, this music invites you to be intimate with your passionate desire to express your individuality in the way you move to music or listen to it.