The Voice of Nia

My name is Nia.

For thousands of generations I have been
circulating consciousness and love throughout the world.
I am coded to be of service to people, plants, animals,
the mountains, winds, rivers, and weather patterns.

My presence and essence is manifested through you,
those who desire to master the art of moving,
living in the body, loving the body and loving life.
People dedicated to helping others find their way
on the path to becoming a Sacred Athlete.
My spirit cultivates and sustains in my every cell
the essence and energy of love,
for this is the ultimate healing energy.

Earthly, I may appear to move slowly in creating change,
rest assured, I move at the speed of light,
sharing my healing life force energy
making it accessible to all,
to the young and old, rich and poor, strong and weak.

Like you I am coded to make a difference in the world,
to make things better, to enlighten and transform.

Like you, I elegantly move into the lives of people
who need me and call to me,
often without even consciously knowing they have called.

Like you, movement is my medicine.
It is what I use to penetrate deep into the folds
of imagination, heart, dreams, emotions,
desires and expectations of people.

From hands and heart I know greatness exists in you.

Our mission; To Create Sacred Livelihoods
Never intruding, we go where we are needed
and will only come when called.
We have the power to make the sad feel hopeful,
the hurt feel better, the angry and resentful
feel more compassionate.

Our feet are firmly rooted and planted.

Love is the wisdom and teaching we desire
to impart on humanity.

Ankles thick and strong we are agile,
feet always ready to move in any direction.
Shins aligned, they support vulnerability and power,
making it possible to surrender and
defend beliefs without apology or hesitation.

Thighs, bold and firm, rise up into the pelvis,
a sacred bowl large enough to hold the soul of all of humanity.
Arms, strong, hang from the yoke and
halo of elegant and proud shoulders.

Faces, shrouded in braids woven with prayers of greatness,
for all feminine and masculine energies on earth,
is timeless and ageless.

Lips, wet with compassion and tenderness speak
of the need for forgiveness and of the power,
acceptance to heal all hearts.

Eyes, deep with desire hold the space to humbly see without judgment.
Skin, luminescent, reflects all color,
seeing all living things as “one”.

Our minds, void of confusion is clear,
providing a new sight, greater insight and,
intuitions to further guide our community.

I am Nia, the ultimate alchemist whose powers
are unleashed when you co-create – with me.

My invitation to you on this next journey
is an invitation into the body, life and business
of Creating A Sacred Livelihood.
For those who wish to continue the dance
with me I say, come, come who ever you are,
and no matter how many times you’ve come,
come again, for you make me real in the world.

With Deep Love and Gratitude and Respect for You and Your Gifts-