Share Your Stories With Video: Toast and Roast Us!

Remember Us in Spandex 30 years ago?

Do you have a funny story that happened to you at Nia?

Perhaps you had a profound moment while you were dancing?

We are putting together a video compilation and invite you to share funny, or touching stories on video for our 30th Anniversary Gala. When thinking about how to inaugurate Nia’s 30th Anniversary nothing seemed more appropriate than telling the stories of the real heroes: the people whose lives and professions have been touched and influenced by Nia in deep and meaningful ways.

We’ve created this dynamic tutorial to walk you through how to send a video our way, and we’ll include it in our festivities. Feel free to talk about how Nia has positively influenced you, or talk about the odd, synchronistic and funny things that have crossed your path because of Nia. We’d love a good laugh, and laughter is good for the body and spirit.

Our wish is that everyone who sees and feels these stories will be inspired to make movement and Nia a part of their life.

Join us in person, or through your stories, to celebrate our 30th birthday!

Thank you all for your love, care and support that you’ve shown and given to Nia and to us over these past 30 years.

Debbie Rosas
Jeff Stewart