National Dance Week Nia Flash Mob

What better way to Celebrate Nia’s 30th Anniversary and National Dance Week than with a Dance in the Park?

On Saturday, April 27th, park goers at Portland’s, Director’s Park were treated to sunny skies and an enthusiastic Nia Flash Mob dance performance. 100 or so movin’ and groovin’ Nia dancers let it all fly to the foot tapping, soul stirring, dance happening music of the new Nia Fly Routine. Everyone had a fantastic time! On-lookers were smiling and bobbing to the beat as the dancers shimmied, shook and shared that Nia Energy!

Thanks everyone for your participation!

And a big thank you to our Nia HQ production team for pulling it all off without a hitch (well, almost! The park managers were late but Yamuna kept her cool and rallied the ranks- way to go Yamuna!)

Our video crew caught it all on camera so you can share it with your friends.