Update on Nia's Support for Architecture For Humanity

Vickie Saito is a Nia Black Belt Teacher and White Belt Trainer. With over 22 years experience in the movement arts, Vickie brings somatic skill and playful self-discovery to each Nia experience. She lives in Portland, OR and travels teaching and leading Nia trainings internationally.

Dear Beloved Nia Community,

Two years ago the West Linn, Oregon Nia community brought our time, energy, and talent to together to manifest a successful Nia Jam benfefit for communities affected by the 2011 tsunami and earthquake that struck Japan. As we all remember, the devastation caused by this natural disaster was catastrophic and widespread. To help offer support, we organized our community of teachers and students to dance for a cause, and raised over $2,000 in one class, surpassing our expected fundraising goal! Some of you even folded a few of the 1,000 cranes we donated. Our proceeds went to both Mercy Corp and Architecture for Humanity.

I have just received an update from Architecture for Humanity about their progress in rebuilding Japan. It is quite amazing what they have done for the people and communities at large and I encourage you to read more about their developments. As Nia practioners, we understand deeply the interconnectedness of a community and it's power to help generate support and healing for others. It is wonderful to learn how our efforts have helped propel this healing and growth in Japan. Read more about Architecture For Humanity's work in Tohoku and keep the community in your thoughts!

Thank you again for sharing Nia and making a difference in people's lives.