The Power of Love - One Billion Rising

The following post was written by Sophie Marsh, Nia Black Belt Teacher and White Belt Trainer. Sophie thrives on sharing her contagious passion for Nia, inspiring people to live their authentic joy and offering innovative Nia classes, playshops, retreats and White Belt trainings in Australia and beyond.

If 2012 was the year of transformation, it feels like 2013 is shaping up as the year of love! 

For our Aussie Nia tribe, this journey began with the Blue Belt training in Brisbane. The focus of Blue Belt is body-centered communication, relationship, and intimacy. What an incredible privilege to witness 29 women go deeper with courage and commitment in a space held exquisitely with love by 2012 Trainer of the Year, Winalee Zeeb. Congratulations to all!

My Nia love story continued at the end of January when I travelled to StudioNia in Portland, Oregon for a week of collaborative learning and sharing with the Nia Training faculty. Taking off the mask to be wholly in truth, letting go of how things had been done before, and opening to a collective creativity, knowledge and wisdom is the new face of Nia. I returned home feeling inspired, excited, expansive, aligned, and deeply connected. I believe sharing this amazing "work" means being part of a powerful shift on the planet - a return to "oneness" through love.

This week I've been deeply moved watching the images and videos of V-Day. Women, men, and children moving together as part of One Billion Rising, a global dance wave to end violence against women. In my Nia classes, we've dedicated our dance to love for personal and global healing. This Saturday night in Brisbane we’re rising in community at our dance jam. If you can’t get to a class, connect to the powerful energy of one billion people rising by dancing wherever you are! I've shared the playlist on my NiaWithSophieMarsh facebook page for some love music inspiration. Break the Chain is the anthem of the One Billion Rising movement.

Guiding women to find their authentic voice, claim their bodies as holy, and live into their greatness is my passion and purpose. One in three women will be raped or beaten in their lifetime. One million girls enter the sex trade each year. Four million women and girls are trafficked annually.

I know that before I can change what happens "out there," I need to look within to own and then forgive myself for violence done to myself and to other women... violence done from extreme dieting, wearing shoes that caused pain, criticizing my body shape or size, emotional eating, substance abuse, thoughts of self-loathing, judgement, and competing with or putting others down. To bring an end to this "violence" and change a culture that accepts and promotes this behaviour as normal requires lots of LOVE!

Seven ways I am healing with love:

  1. Recognize love as a sacred body sensation and a conscious choice
  2. Stand "naked"' in the truth of who I really am and inspire others to be in their own truth
  3. Witness myself and others through the compassionate eyes of a loving heart
  4. Create in-to-me-see, sharing my deepest desires, dreams, and fears with another, and holding the space so that they may safely do the same
  5. Recognise that the light I see in others is a reflection of my own, just as their shadow reveals my growth edge
  6. Celebrate the loving parts of me that show up as appreciation, patience, contentment, gratitude, passion, sensuality, and wonder! Forgive and release parts that show up as NOT love!
  7. Embody love through the Joy of Movement and daily body gratitude

Thank you to the beautiful Brisbane Nia community who gifted me with an exquisite quartz crystal staff and a card full of love and support on my return from receiving my Red Trainers’ Belt from Debbie Rosas while in Portland. Next weekend we begin the Nia White Belt training on the Gold Coast and we have two laces left in our circle. Are you feeling the call to come back to your body on your journey to self-love?

The door is open to everyBody...

With deepest love,