Get In Your Body!

Celebrate Nia's 30th Anniversary With Us

This year is dedicated to doing what Nia does best: Getting people in their body. Whether you're a parent, lawyer, school teacher, waitress, web guru, sculpture, caregiver, musician, construction worker, or hairstylist, Nia takes you deeper into sensation as a way to help you Get In Your Body!

Next week we'll be launching our Get In Your Body webpage on, where you'll be able to take a free e-class of the Nia Passion Routine and post your personal stories about this year's theme! We'll also be offering you new Get In Your Body tips and tools through our monthly continuing education course, Becoming A Sensation ScientistGetting In Your Body is all about listening to sensation, choosing pleasure, and making choices that help you be more body-aware in each moment. When you're in your body, you feel better, look better, eat better, have better sex, and make healthier choices all around. 

Nia wants to know: What does it mean to you to Get In Your Body? How do you know when you're there?

Hear what people have to say about Getting In Their Bodies with Nia:

"Daily, I step deeper into my body – its sensations and options. Nia has shared this awareness with me. I wake up excited to move and experience life in sensation." - Megan MacArthur, Nia Trainer

"The Body's Way practice of Nia brings alignment to my body without my even realizing it. I just listen to the voices of my body [through my teacher's guidance] telling me where to place my feet, my weight, and my core." - Judy Cates, Nia Blue Belt Teacher 

"Release energy strong or gentle, quick or slow. Pull tight or stretch long, focus inward or participate in a group movement; these are Nia moments." - John, Nia Student

"Sensing the back [of my body], the sympathetic movements of the abs, the weight and essential alignment of pelvis, chest and head, I am able to be more athletic, more precise, and more alive." - Karen Mcintosh, Nia Blue Belt Teacher

"I practice Nia to bring more light into my body and through the body bring more light into the world." - Jemila Kwon, Nia Blue Belt Teacher