One Billion Rising with Debbie Rosas

This Valentine's Day, join Debbie Rosas and Nia teachers worldwide to awaken the new feminine spirit in alliance with In collaboration with women and men around the world, we will be creating a dancing revolution in an effort to realize our collective strength and solidarity across borders to end violence against women and girls.

"As I prepare in making 'her story' on the ground in Portland, Oregon at Directors Park and StudioNia, like millions of others I am excited to rise and participate in the One Billion Rising event. I feel compelled to share one of my favorite rising songs and the meditation I will be using at our event. My gift to you all, a free download of my meditation 'Awakening the New Feminine Spirit,' the song Free featuring Shannon Day, and the choreography I created for this inspiring song." - Debbie Rosas, Founder + CEO.

Dance your heart out for an incredible cause!

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  1. Download the song: "Free" (featuring Shannon Day)
  2. Learn the dance: Watch and learn the choreography to Free by Debbie Rosas
  3. Download Awakening The New Feminine Spirit Meditation
  4. Debbie's playlist for her event

Join Us in Portland

Register for Awakening The New Feminine Spirit Dance + Meditation

Learn more and Register for the One Billion Rising PDX event at Directors Park beginning at 3p on February 14, 2013.

Learn more about "Free" lyricist and vocalist Shannon Day at

debbie rosas

About Debbie Rosas

In addition to being the Nia Co-Creator, Debbie Rosas is a teacher, author, artist, choreographer, and speaker. Read her full bio, sign up for one of her upcoming trainings, or visit her personal website.

Debbie's Playlist

1. We Are All Connected by Magic Sound Fabric - featured on R1
2. Things You Don't Have To Do (Sunrise Remix) by Peter Malick - featured on Humanity
3. Butterfly Heart by Chris Coco - featured on Butterfly
4. One World, One People by XCultures - featured on R1
5. Let Your Soul Guide Your Heart (Featuring Diana) by Rodney Hunter - featured on Velvet
6. Nataraj by Ganga Giri - featured on Humanity
7.Drop it Low by KAT DeLUNA - featured on Fly
8. Dancing Tonight by KAT DeLUNA - featured on Fly
9. Bodyrock by Moby - featured on Vibe
10. Free (featuring Shannon Day) by Illumine - featured on Velvet
11. The Unwinding by Parijat - featured on Humanity
12. Sounding 10 by Shannon Day