Nia Graduates 40 New White Belt Trainers!

We're overjoyed to announce that we've added 40 new White Belt Trainers to the Nia Training Faculty! 

On January 31st, 2013, the Nia Training Faculty grew from 13 to 53 trainers worldwide. The graduation ceremony, held at StudioNia in Portland, Oregon, marked the finale to Nia's two year-long Next Generation Trainer program. Lead by Nia Founder and Co-Creator Debbie Rosas, Nia communities worldwide celebrated as each trainer received the status of Red Belt, the highest belt level (presently) in the Nia belt system.

Nia Trainers represent the highest level of mastery in the Nia Somatic Education system. All Nia Trainers are Black Belt teachers with a minimum of 10 years experience teaching Nia, mentoring teachers, and building their local communities. Trainers are certified to offer seven-day Nia trainings for personal growth and professional development, part of the Nia belt system.

Participants flew in from across the globe to engage in the week's learning and festivities, known as Wisdom Quest - a Nia training for all trainers. Debbie Rosas along with Nia Black Belt Trainer Ann Christiansen guided the training faculty through an unvieling of the new White Belt, which features numerous new principles and somatic learning methodologies. All Trainers had an opportunity to provide feedback and collectively brainstorm, craft, and share their ideas for taking Nia Education to the next level.

With over 50 Trainers worldwide, there's no better time to Get In Your Body with the Nia White Belt Training and bring more health, wellness, and fitness into your life! View our list of upcoming trainings to find a White Belt near you and experience the body and life transformation Nia has to offer.

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Debbie Rosas, Adelle Brewer, Allison Wright, Ann Christiansen, Barb Wesson, Britta von Tagen, Caroline Kohles, Casey Bernstein, Charlotte Kerr Jorgensen, Debbie Priest, Dorit Noble, France-Laude Gohard, Gail Condrick, Helen Terry, Holly Nastasi, Jackie Diner, Jamie KlausingJanet Hollander, Jayne MieloJill Factor, Jill Pagano, Joanie Brooks, Jule Aguirre, Julianne Corey, Julie Wylie, Kate Finlayson, Ken GilbertKelle Rae Oien, Kevin VerEecke, Laurie Bass, Letizia Accinelli, Lita CurtisLoretta Milo, Maria Skinner, Martha Randall, Maureen Small, Megan MacArthur, Philippe Beaufour, Rachael R. Resch, Randee Fox, Roberta Mohler, Rolf Erickson, Rosanne Russell, Sabine Zweig, Shannon Mairs, Siere Munro, Sophie Marsh, Stephaney Abilon, Susan Sloan, Tracy Stamper, Vickie Saito, William StewartWinalee Zeeb, Yonit Lerner Ofan.